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Long ago, travel agents held the keys to the kingdom. The general public knew very little about the logistics of travel. Anyone wanting an itinerary of any complexity went to a travel agency for assistance. Travel agents had access to “hidden” resources like the GDS systems and access to travel specials not available direct to the public. But there were urban legends of people who knew tricks. Rumors of cargo ship travel, package couriers, backpackers and mysterious student discounts floated about, making many feel as though everyone in the know was traveling better and more cheaply than they. There were “secrets” out there and travel agents weren’t talking because they wanted the public to book with them.  Read the rest of this entry »

Jump in as we learn about Travel Show Marketing Group, and their place in the travel industry. From tradeshows to Hosted Travel Agent programs, Travel Show Marketing Group does it all.

Travel Show Marketing Group (TravelSMG), an independent event organizer which caters to the B2B leisure travel agency channel, has implemented a number of new initiatives crafted to enhance the overall travel agent and supplier engagement experience, while offering a plethora of unique educational opportunities.

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Not All Big Shots Are Stiffs

The other day I was preparing for a phone interview with a woman who by my definition, was a very successful business executive in every meaning of the word. I was doing my homework thinking she had very little time to waste and lots of responsibilities to tend to other than talking to me. In truth, I was flattered that this individual agreed to spend an hour of her time with me.

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Winter is Coming!!

More accurately, WAVE SEASON IS COMING!! That thought is just as frightening for some in the travel industry as “winter is coming!” is to characters in Game of Thrones. There is general panic, anxiety and night terrors. It used to be that wave season didn’t kick in until after the new year rolled around, and it last for six to eight weeks. Then it began lasting longer.  Nowadays, for some travel agents, it feels like wave season can last three to four months (feeling like an eternity). As for when it starts, it’s feeling like November is the new January.

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We live in a world where we are always plugged in: email, phone calls, social media, and text messages are hard to ignore. Imagine a place where you can unplug from the real world and immerse yourself in the beauty of the nature around you. Thanks to the Colorado Dude & Guest Ranch Association this is an achievable and highly enjoyable experience.

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A Whodunnit of Detectives

I don’t know what the collective word is for a group of detectives, but I’m throwing my hat in the ring with this definition. Many of you will instantly recognise the images in this column because many of your clients may have organised their social calendar just to watch next week’s episode of Inspector Morse, Lewis, Poirot, Miss Marple or Foyles War to name just five of the popular British TV series screened on PBS in the past few years.

When imaginatively blended with our castles, stately homes, privately owned gardens, cathedrals, pubs and tea rooms, they and their counterparts can be converted into money making, customised UK tours.

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Learning Something New!

Who ever coined the phrase “time flies” sure had his finger on the pulse.

It is almost December my friends and according to the Canadian Geese, a lot more cold weather lies ahead.

We are looking down the barrel of another winter season, but let’s take first things first. We are looking down the barrel of another week…and another day. Let’s not wish our lives away praying for warmer weather.

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Cozy Canals in Scandinavia with Holidays with Downtown

Scandinavia is a region full to the brim with rich heritage and stellar beauty. If it isn’t on your travel list it should be, as Scandinavia blends the wilderness with the cozy, comfortable streets of historic cities and cultures. Thanks to Holidays with Downtown, the supplier sponsor of this article, you can make a trip to Scandinavia the relaxing getaway you deserve.

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Susan headshot-1Susan Shultz, with over 20 years of experience in the marketing and sales sector, is the current Director of Sales for American Cruise Lines. Not only does she spend time on location and as an active participant in trade shows with her position, but Susan also visits with the company’s agents monitoring and encouraging them along the way. With a passion for travel since college, Susan Shultz loves all 35 of the different itineraries offered by American Cruise Lines.

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Beautiful Bangkok with ShoreTrips

A trip to Thailand is nothing without a visit to Bangkok, one of Thailand’s most interesting and visited cities. It has emerged as a regional centre for culture and the arts, but this is only one of the many exciting reasons Bangkok should be on your destination’s list. Thanks to ShoreTrips, the supplier sponsor of this article, you can make living it up in Bangkok a reality.

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Explore the End of the World with Australis

Specializing in “End of the World” cruises that explore the pristine waterways of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego at the bottom end of South America, Australis has 25 years of experience in operating expedition cruises. They were also named one of 2017’s Best Small-Ship Ocean Cruises by Travel + Leisure. Owned and operated by Chileans, their goal is providing Australis passengers from around the world with an unforgettable cruising experience.

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