Trust is the basis of every relationship and in a one-on-one business like travel planning, all the more so. When a client trusts you, they are more likely to use your services repeatedly. Loyalty is founded on trust and will often convince a client to work with you over any alternative. It is trust that induces a client to take your suggestion over their own initial impulse or to try something just because you indicate you think they should. Trust is a powerful motivator for a client.

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Looks can deceive. Rarely, for example, will Scenic appear as the lowest-priced operator when comparing river cruises on similar itineraries. In my story, What Scenic Does Differently In Bordeaux, Scenic’s per diems for eight-day Bordeaux itineraries were considerably higher than AmaWaterways (by 28 percent), CroisiEurope (by 90 percent) and Viking (by 45 percent). On some sailings, Scenic’s per diems in Bordeaux approach $700 per person, compared to Viking at $481 per day. At first, I thought, “Wow, Scenic is over-the-top,” even though Uniworld came in higher (nearly $750 per day in staterooms that are a third smaller). A closer look at the numbers, however, reveals a much different picture than what I saw at first glance.

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John_Gunning_pic_150John Gunning, Sales Manager for Down Under Answers and the three different brands within the company, goes in depth about his experiences in the travel industry, the beautiful places it has taken him, and what he has learned along the way.

Growing up on a small country property in central west New South Wales (Australia) who knew what lay ahead when I packed my bags and headed off to London in 1998. This was to be the beginning of my love and dedication to travel.

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How to Market your Blog like a Pro

Summer is a time for BBQ’s, triathlons and gardening. Think about the planning that goes into each of these fun summer activities.

Take the summer backyard BBQ for example; think of all the planning that goes into that party. Menu planning, grocery shopping and grass mowing are only the start. Doing these tasks in the right order keeps the budget in line and ensures you won’t have fresh cut grass in your glass.

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Last week I mentioned the new Facebook feature where you could include a video on your cover image. This week, I want to suggest another sense to explore with travel. Audio. Sure, there is an audio component to any video (or at least there should be), but it also requires complete concentration. Have you considered a Podcast? Read the rest of this entry »

Succeeding The Write Way

I’m not sure how it all began, but the fact remains that people have a tendency to believe the written word more than they believe the spoken word. This may stem back to the days when salespeople were known for their “gift of gab.” Even today some salespeople tell me they can talk their way in or out of any given situation

Being a seasoned sales professional for nearly 30 years and speaking for a living for 25 of those years, I am the first to acknowledge that in today’s marketplace talk is still cheap. So what is a salesperson to do? How can they continue to feed their families on a regular basis if what they say is questioned, and often in doubt?

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At this point, most major cruise lines have only released itineraries through April 2019. However, 2020 can be booked now for certain itineraries. For example, take Regent Seven Seas’ recently announced 2020 World Cruise. It starts in San Francisco (departing January 24, 2020) or Miami (departing January 6, 2020). The 131 night itinerary includes 6 continents, 30 countries, 66 ports of call,  3 oceans crossed, 11 seas cruised, 36 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 13 overnight stays, 330 free shore excursions to choose from, and 33,871 nautical miles sailed.

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Safari companies often tout seeing the Big Five – Cape Buffalo, lion, African elephant, leopard, and rhinoceros.  Did you know there is also a “Northern Five” of iconic creatures that are primarily found in the national parks and conservancies north of Nairobi?

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Xiamen Airlines is not only the first airline operated in the course of modern enterprise in China, but a company that genuinely cares about the comfort and well being of both their customers and their employees. Their mission is to contribute to society, while creating loyal customers and employees in the process. For your Chinese air travels, look no further than Xiamen Airlines.

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Manchester, A Capital City of Culture

The recent appalling terrorism atrocity in Manchester has inspired me to increase my efforts to heighten awareness of this user-friendly northern gateway which is more accessible than ever before with non-stop flights from Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Newark, New York JFK, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington D.C

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Tips for Selling and Marketing to Spendthrifts

Research has shown that spendthrifts make up about 15% of the consumer market. But just because they tend to spend more than the average person does not necessarily make it easy to sell to them. After all, there is a good deal of competition out there, so you need to be clear about the value you offer compared with other options on the market. Read the rest of this entry »

A voyage with Windstar Cruises evokes the feeling of being on your own private yacht. Large enough to pamper and indulge cruisers yet still small enough to anchor in secluded coves or dock in the heart of tiny Old World villages that larger ships cannot reach, Windstar Cruises offers the best of both worlds.

Sail with Windstar and discover not just Old World villages, but the remote coastline of Costa Rica, the incredible Panama Canal, and the secluded islands of Tahiti and the Caribbean. Windstar Cruises is even offering a new lineup of itineraries that will take travelers to Alaska, Asia, Arabia, and Canada & New England.

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LeaDiele_headshotLea Diele is a 26-year travel industry veteran who started out as a corporate travel agent. Now, Lea currently develops and manages the Independent Contractor Programs for Travel Leaders Network. It is here that she developed a program specifically designed for current Host Agencies that are committed to working with an elite peer-group toward greater growth and profitability, as well as talent acquisition and IC recruitment. In addition to her role with Travel Leaders Network, Lea works closely with Universities and Colleges that offer certifications and degrees in Travel and Hospitality Management. She is a Certified Travel Associate, Certified Adventure Travel Specialist, and a Certified Travel Industry Executive. Based in Arvada, Colorado, Lea enjoys her time with her family and finds solace at their mountain cabin on the weekends. Read the rest of this entry »

San Carlos de Bariloche is a city tucked away within the oldest park in Argentina. From European architecture, to delicious chocolate treats, to mountain views unlike anything you may have seen before, Bariloche is the place to see in Argentina.

Thanks to Aerolíneas Argentinas, the supplier sponsor for this article, you won’t miss your chance to visit the charming city of San Carlos de Bariloche.

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For the last 30 years GT Tours, one of the leading providers of Latin America based tours, and their marketing and sales staff have specialized in designing and operating innovative and unique nature, adventure, and culturally oriented travel experiences. This goes hand in hand with the professional and knowledgeable customer support GT Tours offers. From large families to small groups, GT Tours provides not only the itinerary, but excellent international and regional airfare in combination with the tours offered. Let GT Tours be your partner in travel today!

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The Yangtze River, which translates literally to “The Long River,” is the longest river in Asia, third longest in the world, and the longest river in the world to flow through just one country. More than just setting records, The Yangtze River plays a large role in the history, culture, and nature. Within The Yangtze River you find Shennong Stream, which  consists of three sections each with something unique to offer its visitors.

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