Things work when you make them work

Things work when you make them work.

Your job is to make things work.

Here are three ideas to think about this week.

#1. The Lunch Meeting

Last week out of the blue, an unknown subscriber of mine called and asked if they could meet over a salad and a cup of coffee….just to brainstorm and explore a few opportunities. My calendar was clear so I agreed. I enjoyed lunch immensely. How’d this meeting materialize? Someone asked me to lunch.

#2. Referral Introduction

A client thought I would enjoy meeting an associate of his. He called and asked if I would be receptive to a meeting. Sure! I was soon meeting with a marketing director of a small firm to discuss how we can fix the world by coupling our marketing wisdom. (Only kidding) All I know is that somebody asked for a meeting and they got a meeting. How’d this happen? A client asked.

#3. Telephone Conversation.

I received a phone call that uncovered an attractive opportunity that propelled me into immediate research mode. I soon uncovered a Special Report on the Internet that I thought would aid in my education. I hesitated when I questioned my knee-jerk response to type in my credit card number. “What if the material is not right for me?” I asked myself. I picked up the phone and dialed a Houston phone number knowing that this was going to be an exercise in bottomless voice mail. Wrong! For the next 60 minutes I had one of the most refreshing and stimulating conversations I have had in a long time. I had stumbled on another key resource. How did this happen? I dialed a phone number.

This week’s message: Things will happen when you make them happen. Ask for a meeting. Dial your phone. Good things will happen.

Mike Marchev is a non-linear thinker who makes his living shooting from the  hip. Wanna know more?  Send me an email …

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