Shatter the four sales myths that could be ruining your profits – Myth #3: Rejection comes with the territory

Maybe because it is “hump day” or maybe just because I don’t know how to make today’s sales myth more difficult than it as to be, today’s myth buster is a short one.

Many sales courses will tell you to keep a stiff upper lip when you are rejected, and don’t let it get you down. But once you accept the proposition that you have been rejected, you have given up the psychological high ground and put your self-esteem into retreat. Simply put, you need to reject the notion of rejection.

Once you understand that all you are doing is helping people, every outcome should be the same. If prospects don’t want your help or choose not to deal with your company for whatever reason, it’s not your problem. You simply have to locate another prospect that needs your company’s products or services.

Regardless of the response from prospects, you are the same person with the same amount of product knowledge, experience and competence. When you stop linking, no matter how subtly, your sense of self-worth and accomplishment to a prospect’s response, then selling ceases to be hard work and instead becomes a game.

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In general, the healthiest mindset for you sounds like this: “You, Mr./Ms. Prospect, have made a decision to move forward without my services. I’ll be here when you come to your senses and change your mind. It’s not my responsibility to straighten you or your company out.”

Remember, rejection is not personal. It’s the prospect who loses—not you.

I told you today’s message would be brief. Don’t sell it short. This single lesson could save you thousands of dollars simply because it will keep you out of a therapist’s office once you manage to internalize my advice.

Tomorrow, get ready for Sales Myth #4 when I will be attempting to put “stress” in its place.

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