Shatter the four sales myths that could be ruining your profits – Myth #4: Stress is inevitable

Another myth in our profession is that stress, like rejection, is inevitable. In truth, the two often do travel together, weighing down your carrier. But is this condition necessary? Most definitely not. While a lot of sales professionals feel stress, it does not have to rule their life. No one was born with stress. It is something we allow to happen. Stress is self-inflicted in many cases, and is a by-product of pretending that the world operates differently than it really does. 

When our imperfect world, on whose game board we all must play, follows its natural course, we object to its imperfection and thereby create stress. In engineering, stress results from the application of a constant force to an immovable object. In life, the force is your expectation, and the object is reality. You pretend; you guess wrong; you have stress. But once you learn to go with the natural flow and rhythm of the world (by all means stopping long enough to change what needs to and can be changed), you will become more effective, efficient, and pleasant to be around. Doesn’t it make more sense to accept the world and all its nuances as they are—maybe even with a modicum of humor?

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The bottom line is that if you want your team to be more successful, you must encourage them to lighten up. Selling isn‘t as much work as you (and your team) are probably making it out to be.

When you teach your sales team the truth about sales and banish the myths, your people will gain a clearer perspective of what selling really involves. They’ll find sales concepts that make sense, and that they can immediately put into practice. Above all else, they’ll persevere when so many others quit, and that’s what will make the difference to your company’s bottom line.
Mike Marchev , MBA, CTC, is an internationally recognized motivational speaker and author of the book Become the Exception. Contact Mike at .

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