Selling Your Services: If You’re Going to Say Something, Say it Loud

“I’ve always felt that if I’m going to write something, I may as well publish it as an article in that it reaches a wider audience.”

Selling Your Services by Robert W. Bly, page 64

Whoever said writing is a lost art knew exactly what they were talking about. With the introduction of the Internet coupled with the computer, it seems that pen and pencil have gone the way of the Ooga Horn. (Look it up!)

I’m going to branch off of today’s quote to deliver a slightly different interpretation. The quote above this is referring to people like me who share much of their information through the written word. You, however, provide a service which more often than not is not documented, other than the reservation itself. Here is where my message kicks in.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Selling Your Services"

Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Selling Your Services”

When you perform an extraordinary service for one of your clients, there are only two people who are aware of your excellence: Those two people include you and your client. This is when it is time to share your accomplishments with others. What better place then your personal e-zine, blog, or newsletter?

This is not bragging. It is explaining to others what you do and the value you bring to the relationship.

If you simply allow your good deeds to slip into the past by uttering a simple, “Ah shucks, I was just doing my job,” you are missing a huge opportunity to leverage your good work.

I understand that this does not come naturally for most of you. You probably place it under the shameless self-promotion category which is not your practice.

If you want to celebrate entrepreneurship well into your future, you better make it your practice fast. If you don’t promote your excellence, who will? If you don’t promote your excellence now, when are you planning to do so?

It is your responsibility as a business owner and chief of your own marketing department to spread the good word to the marketplace if by doing so will help the marketplace make a more intelligent decision when selecting their next service provider.




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