Top Dog Sales Secrets: Talk Like a Human, Not Like Sales Copy

“Stop Your Sales Pitch; Start Your Conversation.”

Top Dog Sales Secrets by Michael Dalton Johnson, page 116

At my age and experience, I think I am entitled to having a few pet peeves. Entitled or not, I have a few. Like it or not, you are about to hear them.

In addition to the regulars: 1) saying ‘thank you” instead of “no problem,” and 2) actually looking at the people you are speaking to, there are four business terms I cringe at. This is not to say that those guilty of using these words are bad people or misinformed. These words just don’t have a place in my vocabulary. These words are “close,” as in close a sale. Up-sell, as in “you buy this and I will immediately sell you something with a higher commission.” And overcoming objections.  Who in their right mind looks forward to having their “objections overcome”? Not me, and hopefully, not you.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Top Dog Sales Secrets"

Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Top Dog Sales Secrets”

But there is a fourth word that conjures up thoughts of carnival-ism, slight-of-hand, and insincerity. That is the word “pitch.”

Online Etymology offers this definition:


“Something that is pitched,” Meaning “act of throwing”. Meaning “act of plunging headfirst” musical sense; but the connection of these is obscure. Sales pitch in the modern commercial advertising sense is from 1943, American English, perhaps from the baseball sense.

I interpret the connotation as “I’ll toss a few ideas your way and you see if you can connect with a few.” i.e. the baseball analogy.

This is as far as I will go with this today, except for a reference to a very good short video clip below. Let it suffice to say that the words you choose can make a huge difference when it comes to establishing meaning and reciprocating relationships. I choose not to use “no problem,” up-sell, close, overcome, and pitch.

I know I have referenced the following YouTube video in previous articles, but when it comes to choosing words to get your message delivered clearly, there is no better short clip than the following.

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