Peter Wen, Founder of Stunning China

Stunning China was founded by Peter Wen, who was born and raised in China. Peter received his Master’s degree in Economics from the Georgia Institute of Technology at Atlanta, Georgia. During his years in the travel industry, he has worked closely with U.S. travel agents, igniting his passion to introduce his native China to more agents and their clients. Stunning China specializes in land tours and all-inclusive packages in China. Besides tours to the major sights such as Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hangzhou, Stunning China also operates customized and private, off-the-beaten-path tours.

Stunning China is unique for offering year-round FAM tours to China. “You are never really ready to sell a destination until you have been there,” says Peter. Also, Stunning China only hires people born and raised in China and who’ve received U.S. education. Peter believes these employees have both the exceptional knowledge of the destinations and the communication skills required for working with American travel agents. What makes the company even more unique is that agents are allowed to bring clients on FAM trips, earning commissions on their travel at the same time.

With years of experience in the travel industry, Stunning China stands out for its fantastic value. 

TRO: How do Stunning China’s tours offer a unique experience?


  1. We provide the best value on the market.
  2. The hotels we use have 4.5 star ratings with great locations so guests would find it easy to explore the local life after the tour finishes.
  3. We only hire the best English-speaking tour guides in China. We understand how a great tour guide is pivotal to a wonderful tour experience.
  4. We include high-speed trains as a transportation method in many of our tours. It’s so much more than just a transportation method. Guests get to see thousands of miles of China’s scenery and the countryside.
  5. The unique experience with us even starts before guests’ departure for China. We take every effort to make communication with our customer service a delight. From China’s weather and which clothes to wear to the history and culture of the ancient country, we are happy to answer all our guests’ questions.


TRO: Stunning China only hires people raised in China who have received a U.S. education. What is so attractive about this combination?

PW: This combination is attractive because our employees are able to answer all the questions about China, but in English. Their living experiences in China and the U.S. enable them to help our guests know what to expect when traveling in China.


TRO: Your company is based in California but you were actually raised in China. Why is introducing your native land to other travelers so important to you?

PW: I was born in one of the poorest villages in China. During my childhood our family couldn’t even afford to have meat or egg in our meals. I lived in China for 22 years and have lived in the U.S. for 8 years. The two countries are so different from each other, yet have more similarities than people would think. I just feel that it must be exciting for American travelers to discover China that way. And I find great joy in introducing this ancient, yet new, country.


TRO: What would people find surprising about China?

PW: They would be amazed at how China is so different culturally, yet how the young Chinese lifestyle is so similar to the young U.S. lifestyle. Pizza Hut is very popular in China. However, it is nothing like here because it becomes a high scale restaurant. To have a decent meal at a Pizza Hun in China costs at least 25 USD per person. KFC and McDonald are also everywhere in China, but you would find the menus are nothing like what they are here. When I was in China I loved the New Orleans Style chicken wings sold at KFCs, but I’ve failed to find it on the KFC menu here.


TRO: Stunning China allows agents to bring clients on FAM trips, earning commissions on their travel at the same time. Can you explain a little more about this?

PW: Our company is unique in that we don’t sell directly to customers. We help travel agents understand and experience China so they are ready to sell travel to China with confidence. We do so by providing year-round FAM trips at very competitive prices. It is a very unique business model that benefits everyone.


TRO: Stunning China operates off-the-beaten-path tours. What are the advantages to wondering off the beaten path?

PW: China is a really large country with the biggest population of the world. But most of the population lives in big cities. When going off-the-beaten-path travelers will see fewer crowds, possibly will see the other side of China when visiting poor and rural villages, taste local cuisine, and explore the cultures of Chinese minority groups.


TRO: Your company is known for the fantastic value of its package tours. How are you able to provide such affordable prices?

PW: I have been in the travel industry for 5 years now and have worked closely with hotels, airlines, tour guides and local suppliers in China. My relationships with them enable our company to lower the costs significantly. We also save money by not advertising directly to U.S. customers and focusing on travel agents in the country.


TRO: One benefit of travel to China is immersion in the culture. How do your tours introduce travelers to different facets of Chinese culture?

PW: Our itineraries include tours to China’s ancient great capitals, places with the most beautiful countryside. These are minority, ethnic group focused areas with beautiful religious temples. By visiting these places travelers are able to learn more about Chinese religious beliefs, lifestyles, family concepts and get a closer look at minority cultures.


TRO: Is there anything else you would like travel agents to know about Stunning China?

PW: We are a young company with a young team but we are passionate about introducing our home country to U.S. travel agents. We are exploring the possibilities of providing tours to other destinations such as Japan and Thailand. We expect to be able to provide these tours soon.

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