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Handling Incoming Leads: Part 1

A mistake I see agents make all the time is the way they respond to incoming business leads. Whether they arrive via email, snail mail, the telephone or pony express, there seems to be a lack of urgency when dealing with these potential opportunities.

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Reaching the Summit

I have just returned from a five day, solo backpacking adventure on a seventy-five-mile section of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington’s Cascade mountains. You may remember the PCT, the west coast version of the Appalachian Trail, from the bestselling book and movie, Wild.

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The Canadian Rockies, and the area surrounding them, are one of the most breathtaking and exhilarating areas to explore in Canada. A nature lovers dream, there are hiking trails, canyons, and waterfalls that highlight an environment unparalleled in imagery. Thanks to Canada à la Carte , the supplier sponsor of this article, you won’t miss a moment of the scenery in the Canadian Rockies.

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Sales & Marketing Nugget # 945

Here is a little “nugget” for all of you who have something to do with “sales.” And to those of you who are asleep at the wheel, that includes ALL OF YOU.

I’ll use me as an example to drive this point home. Let’s assume you are trying to get a raise or sell me something. Before you “dump your wagon” and put your foot in your mouth, I suggest that you step back and look for the “hook.”

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When In a Rut, Return To The Basics

My favorite workshop critiques usually include the words basic and fundamentals. That is when I know the audience has heard my message. Please get this straight once and for all. It’s all about the basics. You don’t have to get cute or be the first one to introduce the latest flavor or trend of the month. 2+2 = 4 and it always will.

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Buenos Aires is a city made from the cultures and histories of other cities. It is a melting pot of regions, a blending of history and lineage from other places. Buenos Aires is not a city to skip on your travel list, and thanks to Aerolíneas Argentinas, the supplier sponsor of this article, you won’t have to.

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Change Your Words. Change Your World.

Can you say things better?

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Mexico Can’t Catch A Break

Mexico can’t catch a break!  Mexico is still reeling from the bad press surrounding a recent death of a young adult in one of their resorts and it just got a little bit worse–if that is possible. The State Department last week issued a travel warning for Mexico. However, a critical part of that warning has been overlooked by most media. Read the rest of this entry »

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Can Your Clients Trust You?

A few years ago in this column, I asked a simple question: “Can you trust your clients?” The equally important question remains, however. Can your clients trust you? What are the elements of trust? What does “trust” mean in a commercial context?  Consumers want to know the personality of your company and the people behind the company facade. The consumer wants to know that the people with whom they do business mean what they say.  No hype, no false promises. It is what it is. Read the rest of this entry »

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King Cartoons – August 25, 2017


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Crystal River Cruises christened Crystal Bach, the first of its four new build “Rhine Class” river ships, on Sunday, August 20 in Rüdesheim, Germany. Crystal’s CEO and president, Edie Rodriguez, presided over the ceremony, along with emcee and longtime popular Crystal entertainer, Mark Farris. The ship’s godmother, beloved German opera star Anna-Maria Kaufmann, christened the ship with the traditional blessing and champagne breaking, and also lent her famed talents to the celebration with a special performance of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Air.” Also in attendance were the ship’s cruise guests, local travel partners and executives from Crystal’s parent company, Genting Hong Kong.

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You Gotta Believe

My message today should come as no surprise to those who know me. I am a firm believer that we are all making this business-thing harder than it has to be. Let’s step back today and regroup. Here are a few of my beliefs:

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It’s Not Just Venice

The residents of Venice have been rumbling for a while about the influx of cruise ship passengers in their fragile city. The relationship between Venice, Italy and cruise ships is tenuous at best. It has been reported that relations between residents of Venice and the ever-growing number of tourists is strained, at best. With approximately 50,000 residents living in Venice, the influx of cruise ship passengers (up to 30,000 per day) is overwhelming the city. That does not include the number of tourists entering the city via land (by planes, trains, and automobiles). Calculate land-based tourists into the mix, and Venice residents are helplessly outnumbered.

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Over the years Guatemala has become a popular destination offering visitors beautiful architecture and history, as well as exciting activities and scenery. The area of Guatemala was once home to the nucleus of the Maya Civilization, and much of that history remains ingrained in the country; this is one of the traits that makes it such a unique place to spend your next vacation.

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Does your day start like this?

  • Ohh, look at this cool photo on my social feed
  • Yikes, I should really get more photos on my sites & grow my social fan base
  • Wow, this is an amazing video. How did they do that?
  • Hmmm…I guess it’s time to think about changing my cover photo again.
  • I should look to see what’s popular and create an image.
  • Ah, look at the time, I’ve got to jump onto that client call now.

Sometimes it may feel like there are so many things on that ‘to-do’ and ‘want to do’ list that it’s impossible to know where to start.

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I was reminded recently that life does not always play by the rules. I am not looking for sympathy. I am well beyond that point. I simply want to remind you that life does not always play by the rules.

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ASTA Travel Agency Profile

ASTA has been a reliable source of research on the travel agency industry for many decades. We collect, collate and analyze data that is not available anywhere else on agency operations from agency business models to revenue sources. Our data can be used to pinpoint agency trends, compare and contrast agency operations, and develop marketing tactics. Read the rest of this entry »

Yes. You heard me right. I said like dogs. It is high time that we all start to treat all of our good customers like dogs.  And for that matter, every one we care about should be treated like dogs. And this is nothing but good, sound advice. This is like it ought to be.

Let me explain.

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I Suppose TV Awards Are Good For Something!

I remember one time tuning into the Emmy Awards. Although I do preach the value of applause and recognition, these types of shows don’t usually float my boat. For the good of the marriage, I find myself tuned in from time to time.

During one particular broadcast the host said something very interesting during her opening monologue. The message was salted with humor, but delivered a beauty of a message just the same.

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Northern Italy is composed of 8 different regions, all with something to offer many different walks of life. Within these regions there are an array of different cities to explore that deciding which parts of Northern Italy to visit on your vacation can be challenging! Thanks to Back-Roads Touring, the supplier sponsor for the article, we have narrowed down some must-see destinations in Northern Italy worth checking out.

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Jennifer Dugan, Owner, Dugan’s Travels


Jennifer Dugan is the owner of Dugan’s Travels, a travel agency that currently boasts 450 work-from-home agents. With a determination to succeed and stay at home with her growing family, Jennifer has worked tirelessly to put her agents first. From Dugan’s University Events to Agent Retreats, Dugan’s Travels makes being a travel agent and still maintaining a life outside of the job possible. Jennifer Dugan used the motivation of other mothers like herself to propel the business forward, and over the last 19 years Dugan’s Travels has grown, changed, and become largely successful. Continue on to learn more about Jennifer and her journey with Dugan’s Travels.

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