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Scandinavian Dreams with Holidays with Downtown and SAS

Holidays with Downtown is the brainchild of Downtown Travel, a consolidator agency established in 1988. Downtown Travel quickly developed into one of the largest consolidators in the United States. Holidays with Downtown is following in the footsteps of its predecessor, and living up to their slogan of “Providing Fascinating Travel Experiences” with each passing day.

Like Downtown Travel, Holidays with Downtown focuses on customer service of the upmost quality, which not only garners them repeat business and success but also gives their employees the opportunity to grow together in a secure work environment. Holidays with Downtown also offers a top of the line product portfolio containing over 250 programs spanning 49 different countries; these dynamic packages include the best experiences and highlights.

holidays_logoHolidays with Downtown has a passion for what they do, and having their customers come back from their travels abroad happy and satisfied with their experience is all the reward they need. They understand the needs of their clients when it comes to the best value, and take great care in making the choices of their representatives abroad. Holidays with Downtown also strives to make sure their clients get the best quality, and it shows through the returning business.

Holidays with Downtown has a range of destinations and tour options to choose from, including locations such as Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Orient, and the South Pacific. You can even secure an itinerary that visits multiple countries on a trip. If you do not find a tour that suits your fancy, you can build a custom itinerary that fits all your wants. With a plethora of options, like heritage tours and individual and group tours, all of your wants and needs for the ultimate trip will be met by Holidays from Downtown.

SASplaneIn support of Holidays with Downtown is airline company Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), who has offered flights between the U.S and Scandinavia for over 70 years. SAS has eleven direct flights from seven major gatelines in the United States, including four major cities along the East coast: Boston, New York, Miami, and Washington D.C. Scandinavian Airlines, like Holidays with Downtown, cares about the needs and wants of their travelers. It is this desire to put the customer first that has led them to invest in new innovations and digital solutions to ease the stresses of travel.

Some of these enhancements include upgraded connectivity and more space than ever before in the newly renovated SAS lounges, and an in flight cuisine from “New Nordic by SAS,” which highlights seasonal, classic Nordic flavors and dishes. Experience all of this aboard the redesigned Airbus 330-300, which offers the fastest internet available and ultra-modern long haul cabins for maximum comfort during your flight. With Scandinavian Airlines a quick weekend getaway to Scandinavia is achieved almost effortlessly!

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