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Heidi is the Reservations Manager of Blue Sky Tours. She has one of the most difficult jobs in the company as the reservation department is the life blood of the operation. She keeps everything running smoothly by coordinating schedules, answering client questions and working on customer service with the travel agents. Without Heidi Blue Sky Tours would not run as efficiently as it does.

I joined the Blue Sky Tours Team in June of 1998 in reservations. I instantly fell in love with the job and the people within this company. Loving your job makes it very easy to come to work each day! My first trip to Hawaii was in September of 1998 on a Fam trip. I was hooked! Having been to Hawaii more than 20 different times now, it’s exciting for me to be able to share the experience with others. There is always something new to discover no matter how many times you have been to the islands.

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