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Here is another lesson via the PGA…the Professional Golfer’s Association. I think you will connect with the message.

The subject: Luke Donald, professional golfer. Back from a wrist problem and recent surgery.

The place: The CA Golf Championships. Doral Golf & Country Club, Miami, Florida.

The scene: Luke Donald was playing alone with his caddie and his coach in a practice round.

This was a “practice” round.

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Another Long Shot Beats The Odds

This is a true story. “Mine-That-Bird” was the name of the nag who left the gates at 50 -1 odds…and won The Kentucky Derby. Apparently, nobody told him or his jockey that 50 – 1 was just another way of labeling the beast a “loser.” “Mine-That-Bird” was not meant to win. He was meant to lose. He won.

How many of you reading this today are not feeling like “winners” at the moment?

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My wife Barbara and I once responded to an impulse, and decided to drive to Ft. Lauderdale to watch a one-man band perform on stage. I recognized the musician as the man who once  “gave” me two tickets to an unknown performer if I would purchase two tickets to his own concert back in 1968. The unknown performer was James Taylor.

Tom Rush was his name, and he was famous for playing the Cambridge, Massachusetts coffee houses back when long hair on gentlemen was considered vogue.

Not to bore you with the specifics, but we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we meandered back stage to say “hi” to Little Tommy Rush after the concert. Upon learning that he had an instructional DVD available, I became yet another “customer.”

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Some of you might recognize this as the title of a Toby Keith song. It leads me to the first of three nuggets I would like to share with you today.

  1. Titles in articles and newspaper columns should be written to capture the reader’s attention. The same holds true for the subject you choose to write in the “Subject Box” of your emails. Don’t rush these important areas of your marketing communications. Don’t get hokey, but definitely don’t gloss over them in haste to get your message out.

MESSAGEThink Headlines. Give this element of your communication ample time and thought. They are important. 

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Customer Service Still Has a Place

A while back I was doing a little web “surfing” when I came across a major travel industry conference, and I began to snoop around.

This event really looked cool, and I thought I would spend a few days down at the convention center to learn what I could learn…and to see whom I could see. After all, I guess after 30 years it might not be a bad idea to let a few people in the industry know that I am still alive and capable of fogging a mirror with the best of them.

But, that is not the purpose of my writing today.

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

It is my personal opinion that “it doesn’t suck being me.” I feel this way because I have come to learn and appreciate that my numerous failures were just temporary set-backs. In fact and in truth, they all played pivotal roles in my development over the years. (And I have more than my share of goof-ups.)

“Failure is in a sense, the highway to success, inasmuch as every discovery of what is false leads us to seek earnestly after what is true.” – John Keats

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Don’t Be A Buffoon

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I do become upset at times. It usually comes as a result of running into a buffoon of some sort, shape, size or gender. And it has come to my attention over the last couple of years that our world has its fair share of them.

Labeling a person as a “buffoon” is my personal observation, and is based on my own interpretation. You should not endorse my list until you concur by your own set of standards.

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Invite Them Back

2017 is almost a done deal. What better time to share a past holiday observation?

The scene: I was having lunch with my wife Barbara when we heard a commotion at the table behind us. It seemed like the fellow in charge of paying the bill decided that his wait for the salad was not worth the salad. The waitress turned things over to her manager once the patron’s voice raised to the same pitch used when hailing a cab in New York City. She tried in vain to satisfy the guy.

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Short Version: Be very careful where you choose to cut costs. Your customers are paying close attention, and some things (like toilet paper) need to work as designed.

Expanded Version: You are probably conscientiously examining your costs as you approach another new year. 2018 is looming large and once again it is imperative that you get a handle on the cost of you doing business.

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Have You Ever Heard of Nordstroms?

I love my books. I can remember not long ago when I hated to read books. (Thirty years ago.)

Most people, regardless of their age, still don’t like to read. And if they do, they spend their time reading fiction, which is simply and simply entertaining. Me? I like to read business books. They make me think.

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Setting The Stage Is a Good Idea

I spotted the following in a popular e-zine I like to read.

Word count for this issue: 888

Approximate time to read: Just over 3 minutes

Why bother spelling out the length of an article you ask? There is a very good reason for doing this. It is a small courtesy that supports one of my sales lessons which implies that it is smart to let people know what they are in for.

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Why are the most meaningful messages the most personal? And painful? Because they are. To avoid boring you to tears with specifics, suffice it to say that I gave myself another personal wake-up call last week. (I hate when that happens, but if there is any truth that life is a journey and not a destination, I am having one heck-of-va joy ride. (Yes, I did type “heck-of-va”)

Last week a Speaker’s Bureau I do business with introduced me to a hot lead and asked me to call the would-be client for a quick phone interview. I did. In haste. I reacted too quickly. I was wrong.

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Testimonials Are Powerful Things!

Today’s MessageGood Enough May Not Be Good Enough

Not long ago I found myself researching a few restaurant reviews in the local newspaper. I spotted an establishment that caught my attention and thought this particular spot would serve an upcoming occasion quite nicely.

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This email just arrived from one of my marketing mentor participants:

Hi Mike,

I’ve been out hitting the pavement and just got another two bookings one for the Mexican Riviera and one for the Caribbean from the Harbor Light Restaurant. So I am following through with my commitments about visiting Businesses and asking for the business.

I love to receive emails like this. They make my day.

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Get Good At What You Do

A few of you have hats like the one pictured below. The letters L-I-G stand for Life Is Good.

While strolling down Delray Beach’s Atlantic Avenue one Saturday evening with my wife, sister and niece, we popped into a store that carried the LIG line and as a book junkie knows no boundaries, I exited with a simple book of reminders that Life Is Good for those who want to see it that way.

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Referrals Are Good Things

When I first moved to Florida my wife and I did not have a Rolodex of “go-to” sources. When an eye ailment hit my wife we first went the Walgreen’s route. When the problem persisted, I began to wonder if a doctor’s office may be a better place to tear up?

If you make a habit of hibernating up north during the winter months you may not realize that Florida is a place where old folks go to hang out for a few months. It became obviously apparent that folks, both young and old, learned how to prey upon these older folks.

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The Devil Is In The Details

Today’s Message: “A pilot who sits on his checklist is flying by the seat of his pants.”

The Power of a Checklist

Years ago (many years ago) I learned how to fly single engine airplanes. It was a great experience and I have enough “war stories” of my own to pass an afternoon with any pilots.

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You Are a Marketing Specialist!

Today’s Message: Use your business cards more often.

Playing off the theme of a previous message, I will refer to a professional golfer’s bag of tricks.

He/she is limited to the number of clubs they can carry and use each week to ply their trade. Some are used for the short game, while others are used to whack the blazes out of the ball. When used properly, the desired result often occurs when one selects the proper tool.

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Some Real Timely Advice! 

Today’s Message: Don’t allow strangers to dictate your future. I was catching up with a friend of mine this past week when he shared with me some advice that merits repeating.

LF (Let’s refer to him as Larry, as that is his name) reminded me to pass on the following directive to all sales professionals who still have “eating regularly” as one of their 2018 yearly objectives:

“Stop reading the news and stop watching the news!”

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Today’s Message: Thank your lucky stars you are not a pharmaceutical sales rep. Every 25 years (+ or – five years) I get bit by a bug that puts this 190 pound, 6 foot boy down flatter than a Tuscaloosa, Alabama Flap Jack.

Last week, the bug hit, and hit with a vengeance. Against my macho judgment I ended up in the “walk-in” local doctor’s office.

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Learning Something New!

Who ever coined the phrase “time flies” sure had his finger on the pulse.

It is almost December my friends and according to the Canadian Geese, a lot more cold weather lies ahead.

We are looking down the barrel of another winter season, but let’s take first things first. We are looking down the barrel of another week…and another day. Let’s not wish our lives away praying for warmer weather.

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