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Discover Athens with Emirates

Athens is the city of classical wonders; a land of gods and temples, of sports and plays, where scholars and philosophers first dreamed up democracy; a must-see city for anyone visiting Europe. Step into antiquity. Step into Athens. Step into the past and discover breathtaking sites from one of the most important civilizations to ever flourish.

Athens is located in the southern side of Greece along the peninsula of Attica. Protected by mountains and nearly surrounded by water, Athens is a city with a bit of something for everyone. Adding appeal to the destination, the hot summers and mild winters encourage visitors year-round.

Tourist traffic has risen over the last few decades in reaction to the city’s rehabilitation of travel infrastructure. There is a state-of-the-art international airport, a new motorway and an expansion of the city’s metro system. Athens is an anachronism; an ideal destination for those who wish to look into the past while staying comfortably put in the present.
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Descend into Dakar with South African Airlines

Dakar is the vibrant capital city of Senegal on the West African coast. Whether travelers are exploring the many markets laden with colorful crafts, enjoying a horse-drawn cart ride along the sandy streets, or find themselves at one of the many museums, the world renown hospitality of the Senegalese is sure to impress.

Dakar stretches across the Cap-Vert peninsula on the westernmost edge of Africa. This area was originally settled in the 15th century by the Lebou people; an indigenous group with descendants still in the region today. The Portuguese reached Dakar soon after, followed by the Dutch, English, and the French in the 19th century. While French is the official language of Dakar, English speaking tour guides are abundant and easily located. From 1978 to 2008, Dakar was a popular destination for those eager to join the Paris-Dakar Rally. In this annual event, competitors navigated off-road vehicles over sand dunes and rocks, through mud and camel grass. More recently, Dakar has grown into a major financial center and is home to several international research centers and organizations.

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Full of Life in Croatia with Via Tours

For many travelers from the United States, Croatia has somehow managed to remain hidden. For those looking for a fresh destination, magnificent beaches, impressive vistas and prime boating, yachting and hiking opportunities, however, Croatia offers one of the most picturesque with excellent traveler infrastructure and facilities. The variety of Croatia’s topography and cultural attractions has few rivals. Beaches and crystal blue waters, mountains and castles, the walled city of Dubrovnik as well as magnificent churches and monasteries. Vacationers from every corner of the world visit the relaxed ambiance of this hidden gem and many predict Croatia is on the verge of being the next destination on everybody’s list.

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The beaches and coast of Mexico are legendary, but the region known as Riviera Nayarit truly has something for everyone. This stunning area has every travel pace from sedate to full-octane; choose your speed and off you go! Whether it’s the challenge of a hard wave, a hole in one, or where to spot the next humpback, each challenge can be met here in Riviera Nayarit.

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It’s October 20th, and I find myself in Dearborn, Michigan. It has been a long time since I was last in Dearborn. I’m wearing a tuxedo; it has been a longer time since I last wore a tuxedo. I’m here at the amazing Henry Ford Museum to celebrate Sky Bird Travel’s 40th year in the travel industry in 2016. The company has sponsored a gala, a black tie dinner to appreciate its friends and customers, and the evening is nothing if not spectacular. Surrounded by authentic aircraft of decades ago in the museum’s “Heroes of the Sky” aviation section, an Indian ensemble plays on traditional instruments. Everyone is mixing and, while it is apparent many know each other from years of business past, striking up a conversation in this setting is easily done as everyone admires the antiques surrounding us. Read the rest of this entry »

Before its formation into a town in the 18th century, Reykjavik had been inhabited for almost a millennium already. Legend has it that the first inhabitant was a sailor who threw his pillars into the sea and vowed to settle wherever they washed up, which happened to be in Iceland. In 1801 Reykjavik became the capital of Iceland, and in the mid-20th century saw a boon from the second World War that most countries did not, thanks to occupation of the countries by the Allied Nations. The city differs from many other Nordic metropolises, with is cozier spread of smaller buildings reminiscent of the coast of Canada rather than the heavy opulence of many European countries.

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Homeric Tours is a family-owned business that specializes in a wide range of affordably priced semi-escorted, escorted and independent packages, FITs and customized group tours to over 25 countries on three continents. We invite you to learn more about us and the many benefits we offer you and your clients.

Since our founding in 1969, Homeric Tours has been providing travelers with memorable travel experiences to Mediterranean destinations. What started as a provider of packaged tours to Greece has expanded over time to offer fixed and flexible travel arrangements to a variety of locales. The travel industry has gone through many dramatic changes over the years, and as a result Homeric has changed with the times. However, we remain true to our founding principles of providing value and service unmatched elsewhere. Read the rest of this entry »

Coming Soon: the Home Based Travel Agent Forum

Whether you’re new to the industry or looking to grow your current independent travel business, the Home Based Travel Agent Forum is a must attend. The event, which is approaching quickly (March 20 – 23 at the Paris Hotel & Casino Las Vegas), will offer a roster of educational opportunities, networking and so much more. In fact, here are ten reasons you should plan to be in Las Vegas later this month:

#10 – Las Vegas: March in Las Vegas not only offers a full range of special attractions and events, (i.e. March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and an all-star line-up of residencies) coupled with the ongoing city-wide offerings such as world-class gaming, shows, concerts and more, but it also is the most desirable time to be in the desert with average temperatures of about 70 degrees! By the way, the Forum has negotiated some discounts with airlines such as Delta and United, so getting to Las Vegas is more reasonable than ever! Check out the deals here: Read the rest of this entry »

The Dan Hotels of Israel is the country’s longest-established deluxe and first-class hotel chain. Its beginnings date back to June 1947, when two brothers, Yekutiel and Shmuel Federmann, purchased the “Kaete Dan”, a 21-room guest house on the Tel Aviv sea shore, with the vision that Israel would one day become a tourist destination. Today, the chain includes 12 deluxe hotels in prime locations around the country, an international convention center, a hotel training school, and the Dan Lounges at Ben Gurion airport. The flagship hotel, the King David Jerusalem, regularly hosts visiting dignitaries and is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel, Dan Hotels has led the development of the tourism and hospitality industry in Israel. From its founding, Dan Hotels has set high standards in all its hotels, and has been the hotel industry’s standard bearer, through its work procedures and professional training of all employees. Read the rest of this entry »

In 1974, Educational Travel Services (ETS), located in Lakeland, Florida, became a pioneer of Christian pilgrimages to Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. Today, ETS is recognized as one of the industry’s leaders of quality Christian pilgrimages and group tours to the Holy Land, Israel, Egypt, and Jordan, plus Greece, Turkey, Italy, Lourdes, and Fatima, and Faith Based Cruises.

During the past four decades, the faith based market has continued to expand and include a variety of destinations as featured on ETS’ website, ETS’ all-inclusive tours are structured to serve groups and individual travelers through travel agents.
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With 43 years of experience in the industry, Aegean Mediterranean Cruises & Tours has become an industry leader for it’s original and featured destination, Greece. Over the course our company’s history, we have grown to include a dozen countries in our portfolio of destinations throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Our flagship office can be found in Athens, and representative offices/affiliates in almost every town, village, island, city or resort area we work with.

Our services range from the typical tour coordinating you would expect from a major tour operator, to specialized services, such as special interest tours/groups (especially university and student groups), incentive groups, destinations weddings and events, conference planning, religious groups and pilgrimages, private yacht charters, villa rentals, and luxury travel services. Read the rest of this entry »

For 69 years, New Hampshire-based Alexander+Roberts has been helping Americans to travel comfortably around the world, offering 112 original journeys to Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, New Zealand and the Antarctic. Since its pioneering days as the first American travel company to the Soviet Union at the beginning of the Cold War, the company has continued to innovate with its Small Group and Small Ship Journeys for 6 to 16 guests as well as its Private Tours and Custom Travel:

+ Innovative: Our original itineraries encompass a wide range of destinations from the popular capitals of Europe and Asia to emerging destinations including Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Cuba, Albania and Montenegro.
+ Personable: We’re well-informed and flexible in meeting your diverse needs and desires.
+ Refined: The personal experiences we craft for our small group tours with never more than 16 guests and private journeys are honed by nearly 70 years of expertise.
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Escape To Southern Peru With Central Holidays

From modern amenities to colonial aesthetics, Southern Peru has everything you and your group could be looking for. Hike the Inca Trail and taste traditional Peruvian dishes while delving into the culture of the Incas with Central Holidays.

The capital of Peru, Lima was founded in 1535 by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, who conquered the Incan empire from Emperor Atahualpa. The city has evolved over the centuries into a medley of modern architecture and amenities mingling with classic colonial structures. Lima is considered the gastronomic capital of Peru, with a wide variety of ingredients from the sea, mountain, and rainforest regions, including ceviche and fusion cuisine with Japanese and Chinese influences. Read the rest of this entry »

Although Northern Thailand is well known on the tourist trail, there are communities that have, until now, had little or no access to tourists and the tourism dollar. That is set to change when G Adventures and its community partners in rural Thailand welcome travelers on a new trekking route, beginning November 2. Read the rest of this entry »

Xiamen is known as one of China’s “most livable” cities, and with its tree-lined beaches, countless attractions and lush surrounding countryside, it’s little wonder visitors are drawn here. Even if it’s for only a short stay, one should never miss the opportunity to visit the “gateway” to China. Located at the southeast coast of China, Xiamen is one of the major port cities in the Fujian Provence. Popular with both Chinese and international tourists, the city is famous for its island seascapes, subtropical climate, rich history and customs, and great regional cuisine.

Xiamen has been a major trading port for hundreds of years as it boasts a broad deep-water gulf, and thanks to its year-round temperate climate, isn’t subject to freezing or silting. This makes it a perfect port-of-call for commercial vessels and cruise ships alike.  Read the rest of this entry »

Viva Las Vegas! With

Las Vegas needs no introduction: “Sin City”, “The Entertainment Capital Of The World”, and “The City Of Lights”, all spot-on descriptions of this dusty desert city. While most think they know the real Las Vegas, all glitz and glamor with sequins falling from the sky, there is so much more beyond the Strip and all its casinos. You can scale rust-colored sandstone canyons, enchanted by dazzling acrobatics, and visit some of the best entertainment of the past and present.

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Traditionally, travel-related merchants have a difficult time obtaining merchant accounts. National Transaction Corporation (NTC) is a full service merchant account provider with extensive experience in the travel arena and related markets, servicing thousands of travel-related merchant accounts by specializing in non-cash electronic transactions. Our services include processing credit card transactions, gift card transactions, and e-commerce transactions, among others. We offer a full line of products including credit card terminals, cellular devices, supplies, and accessories for each model sold. We offer aggressive rates and pricing for mail/telephone order, retail/restaurant, wireless, and online transactions while specializing in the travel and high volume sectors of merchant processing, and we are proud to be the preferred merchant provider for ASTA. Read the rest of this entry »

Jauntee Travel Group is the leading global travel provider for catered vacations to Croatia & the Adriatic coast. Offering 10 years of travel experience from native experts in the region, Jauntee features small-group tours and customized private tours to Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania and Italy, as well as many other prominent countries throughout Europe in both Eastern and Western Europe. Headquartered in La Jolla, California, with ground operations in Croatia, including English-speaking private drivers, Jauntee caters to discerning travelers who seek extraordinary experiences with impeccable service. Read the rest of this entry »

APG IET: Air Ticketing Made Easy

APG IET stands for an interline e-ticketing platform which is a product of Air Promotion Group USA. APG’s local offices are in New York, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Vancouver/Canada, and Los Angeles are strategically located with team members focused on developing and maintaining relationships with the travel agent community. APG is the world’s leading network for Airline Distribution and Financial Services with over 100 offices serving over 170 countries on 6 continents and have commercial relationships with over 240 airlines. Read the rest of this entry »

Railtours Ireland First Class, operating since 1998, is Ireland’s premier rail touring operator. Trains are the most comfortable mode of travel in Ireland, and our Tour Hosts will enhance your experience as we cruise towards our destinations, and remain with you through the complete tour. Over half a million visitors to Ireland have enjoyed our tours, and we have achieved a “Certificate of Excellence” four years in a row with TripAdvisor, thanks to our first class customer service and legendary hospitality. Sit back and relax as your train glides through the ancient and historical heart of Ireland! Read the rest of this entry »

Tours 4 The World began as BuyNetFares in 1992, started by Rosana Chermisqui. BuyNetFares sold tour packages to Latin America to travel agents through different advertisers, and due to the success of its relationship with the airlines, also became an airline consolidator. At that time in the 1990’s, it was easier to sell packages that included airfare, especially from JFK, LAX, and MIA. Read the rest of this entry »