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Life Is One Big Contradiction

Have you noticed that just about everything you say or do have a flip side?

Example: ‘He who hesitates is lost.’

Flip Side: ‘Haste makes waste.’

Example: ‘The early bird catches the worm.’

Flip side: ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail.’

I could go on and on but you get the point. And here is today’s point.

Yesterday an email escaped from my system and was sent out to the world. How this happened is still a mystery to me. Back came the emails in return…many inferring that they had enough of Marchev’s words of wisdom for a lifetime and they clicked the button which removes them from my list (Opting Out)

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I Wish I Was Sailing!

Sailing is the one thing that completely “takes me away.” Christopher Cross was right on the money when he sang, “Sailing. It’s not far back to paradise. At least it’s not for me.”

Oh well! Back to reality. Sailing will have to wait. The next best thing to sailing is signing a new account.

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Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping Magazine, page 112 January 2007 Edition. I’m digging into my archive file today and reaching back to…2007. Wow! That is ten years ago. Time does indeed fly.

Part 1: Habits

My wife subscribes to the magazine Good Housekeeping and on occasion I find myself glancing through the table of contents at the breakfast table. On page 112 of this particular edition was a story by Dr. Phil titled CHANGE FOR THE GOOD. I began reading.

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Did Somebody Say WOW?

The word “wow,” or the concept of “wow” is pretty interesting. In reviewing a book at random from my sales and marketing bookshelf, I flipped to a page and began reading about “WOW.” The book for the record was written by Jeffrey Gitomer and the title was “Little Black Book of Connections.”

Less than 20 bucks and yes, I do recommend this as a Q4 reading list candidate. (Fourth Quarter)

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Referrals – Humor – And Speaking On Your Feet

Today we are going to drift away just a tad from my daily format. Here are a few “nuggets” of information taken from a few of my past reminders.

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Are You Prettier Than a Skunk Sandwich?

I recently spoke about the importance of body language and how it can speak volumes about you and your professionalism. Today I will touch upon how you are interpreted.

Are you comparing your product or service (YOU) with industry leaders or with the mediocre rank and file competitors in your immediate area like Jimmy “the Shank” Bambeeno?

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A Low-Cost Marketing Strategy Worth Considering

I am not sure if today’s message is for everyone but if it does interest you, you can file this one under a Blinding Flash of The Obvious. Entrepreneurs and business professionals take heed.

Marketing aficionados from well-respected backgrounds offer that it takes at least five times the investment to capture a new client than it does to hold on to a current one. Five times! Wow. For argument’s sake, let’s consider this to be a truth.

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1/200 Just Might Be Good Enough!

I want to call your attention today to a single sound bite that I picked up watching a baseball game where the New York Mets beat The St. Louis Cardinals. The Mets won the game with a two-run homer. Here is the sound bite I picked up on:

“There were over 200 pitches thrown in the game and it all came down to this one pitch.”

One pitch. One swing. Two runs. One win.

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We Are All In This Thing Together

As many of you know, I consider myself a book junkie. Ever since I turned 35, I became a bookstore’s favorite visitor. My book shelf is jammed with volume after volume of sales and marketing texts…all underlined and dog eared. From time to time, I randomly grab a book off of my shelf and open to a page just to read what it is I underlined that particular day.

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How’d That Happen? 

When was the last time you were taken for a “ride?”

A funny thing happened to me not too long ago, but it really wasn’t all that funny. A similar event happened to me quite a few years back. And now that I think of it, this similar event took place in the same neck of the woods — upstate New York. The first time it involved a set of Ginzu Knives. The second “ride” involved a box of meat.

Here is my story and what I learned from it.

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Sad But True…But Definitely Not Funny

I almost started laughing when I heard her say it…but there was nothing funny about it. It confirmed what I have always believed and shared in my training sessions, but when I actually heard it in public, it still caught me by surprise. I was sitting at round table for eight at a Friday evening wedding. Sitting at the table adjacent to ours was a young and attractive woman with what I would call an “off-the-shoulder dress.”

Don’t jump to conclusions. It was an appropriate black dress for the occasion. It did however allow a clear showing of a tattoo sculpted on the back of her right shoulder. It was large enough…and prominent enough to solicit attention from everybody within a five-mile radius. It was a tattoo of a “shark.”

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How Are You Doing?

I remember the day when Max came to my home. Max was a foreign summer exchange student visiting with my nephew Andrew who lives in Vermont. These two very fine young men are proof positive that there is hope in the world.

Andrew is my oldest sister’s son. Two more of my five sisters joined the get-together that day, along with their immediate families. We taught Max (from Too-Loose, France) a couple of sound bites made famous in New Jersey: In his very French accent he co’ ca va?”

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How To Double Your Productivity

There is an old saying that goes something like this: “You can’t do everything at once, but you can do something at once.” This really is pretty good advice.

I politely suggest that you follow this advice. Do something, and then do it again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Then do it again, and then do it some more. If whatever it is you are doing appears to be working, keep doing it. If does not seem to be working, consider tweaking your activities or select a new one to pursue. Just keep doing something. Action and execution are two beautiful words that represent half the battle.

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Do What You Say You Will Do

I was reminded once again while presenting in Las Vegas the power one has when standing in front of a group full of people eager to better themselves in both their personal and business lives. No speaker in their right mind takes this privilege for granted. As a matter of fact, in the world of professional speakers this is called “The Privilege of the Platform.”

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Don’t Be Like Shaq!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without a bunch of really tall men running up and down a hardwood court tossing a ball around before jamming it through an iron hoop? I am talking about the NBA.

A few years back I was reminded of one of life’s most important lessons while watching a playoff game between two very talented teams. I’ve said it a thousand times; I’ve known it for years; and I’m about to say it again.


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I Can’t Motivate You

I was once speaking to a real estate agent who appeared to be a real cracker jack. I mistakenly referred to my job, for lack of a better reply, as being a “motivational speaker.” She said in not so many words that she didn’t buy into the “motivational speaker advice” she has heard at company meetings for the past 25 years.

I quickly supported her stance and replied, “Neither do I” without losing a beat. I then informed her that I was not a motivational speaker at all, and that what I did for a living was “stimulate people.”

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A True Story of Salesmanship 101

This is a true story. There is a lesson here somewhere so take a minute and focus on the next few words. Picture me in front of the Double Tree Hotel in downtown Memphis, TN, right across the street from the ballpark. It is raining lightly as a major thunderstorm has just passed through town. It is approximately 8:30 a.m. The Double Tree is adjacent to the Greyhound Bus Terminal (Key Point). Read the rest of this entry »

Play Like You Are 80!

A few years back Wayne Chrebet called it a career after playing eleven years with the NFL’s New York Jets. So what’s the big deal?

Well, Wayne had no business playing in a game which happens to be our closest representative of legalized violence. For you arm chair Monday-morning quarterbacks and wives or girlfriends of these same wanna-bees, I understand you may take exception to my heartfelt feelings. I happen to know “a thing or two” about the game. It got me to college on a free pass, and then was responsible for breaking an ankle and separating a collar bone in lieu of payment.

Yes my friends, football is a contact sport. A lot like selling.

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Why Not You?

I enjoy watching the talent show American Idol. I often mentally vote for an eventual loser, but I also thought Frazier would last two weeks before the network pulled the plug. I went on record to forecast that Megan Mullally (Will & Grace) would last a little less than a New York minute.

Back to American Idol. I just love seeing talent. All those kids can sing. Most are very good. But why weren’t you up there sharing the spotlight?

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Be Yourself…But Be Professional

Email has always been a double edged sword as far as I am concerned. It definitely provides an easy and fast option when communicating your ideas to others. But it also must be remembered that the tone and “voice” of a printed message is 100% determined by the receiver. Their immediate mental attitude determines whether your message is interpreted properly or not.

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Sunday afternoons are special to me since I get to watch the last round of the weekly PGA golf tournament. These guys are good. These guys are really good. Yet every once in a while, you see the human side of really good millionaires. They too miss-hit golf balls now and then and bring hope to us amateurs. Hey! I’ve missed a number of gimme putts a number of times. In fact, more times than I would like to remember. Read the rest of this entry »