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Implementing a Group Leader Program

Every now and then your average travel consultant “gets lucky” and happens across a group leader. More experienced, successful travel professionals, however, institute group leader programs. Few methods of growing a travel practice are as tried and true as incorporating the assistance of a group leader.  Yet too many travel professionals depend on chance to locate and utilize the efforts of these profitable individuals.  Let’s consider the possibility of actually setting out a plan to seek out, train and leverage group leaders in our communities. A few good group leaders worked into your marketing plan could make a big difference in your bottom line. Read the rest of this entry »

Experienced travel agents seek out good group leaders. In its most common incarnation, a “pied piper” or group leader is provided with a free or “comp” travel opportunity as both incentive and as compensation for organizing and recruiting others to travel as a group. In some instances, however, the group leader acts as a focal point or celebrity for the group and assumes a central role in the marketing of the travel to others. The travel consultant that consistently and patiently grooms a series of group leaders is establishing the groundwork for regular group travel opportunities. By marshalling the energies of one or more group leaders, the travel consultant both leverages the group leader for a particular trip and also comes into contact with a number of new individual clients. Read the rest of this entry »