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Sizing Up Your Competition

Here’s the bad news: you have more competition than you think.  Here’s the good news – you  can effectively compete. In fact, competition keeps us sharp and aware of the environment in which we operate.  Keep in mind that carrying the proper attitude about your competition is important.  Properly trained, your clients will adopt many aspects of your own attitude about travel and other distribution channels.  If your attitude is positive and healthy, chance are your clients’ will be as well.

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Travel agents putting together a marketing plan for their travel agency are sometimes stymied by the concept of differentiation. In essence, differentiation is that collection of  key attributes that set your travel agency apart from all others – the reason a client would rather work with you than with your competitor.  By and large, any agency can offer the same cruises, tours and travel programs. So what Unique Selling Point (another way of speaking about differentiation) can an agency offer? Read the rest of this entry »

A Week of Important Observations: 3 & 4

This week we are looking at 10 fundamental marketing principles that will provide a basis for consistent and successful marketing efforts. Today’s two principles are perhaps the most important of those we will list. Taken together, our third and fourth principle place an edge on all of your marketing and will guide your every marketing decision.  Read the rest of this entry »