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Farming vs Hunting

One of the common misunderstandings about marketing is that it is all about hunting down and capturing prize clients. This notion results in frenzied marketing efforts designed to earn attention from travelers and prospective clients. However, sudden bursts of marketing activity are not as productive as more consistent and steady effort.

In its most simple form, marketing consists of generating new business and retaining existing clients. Marketing is more like farming than hunting. Business is grown over a period of time. Prey that is hunted runs away. Consistent marketing efforts applied intelligently and in a steady manner pay off over time. Each and every day, make it your business to talk to someone new about travel…not to directly sell a trip but to engage another person in a mutual passion. At the same time, make it your habit to call or email some of your existing clients on a regular basis to check on their needs or to inform them of current travel specials in which they have expressed an interest. You cannot reap what you do not sow: spend some time farming.

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