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Pass along a tip or two

One of the best opportunities for ingratiating yourself with a client is to pass along a tip about their destination that they could have otherwise learned only by trial, error and experience. By giving your client a bit of “insider” advice, you solidify yourself as an expert in the destination and an invaluable mentor in travel. Garnering this type of information is a relatively easy thing to do either from your own personal travels to the destination, professional assistance with free destination guide services like TRO, or with a little bit of research on the internet.

The information can be any type of advice that will make the traveler’s experience of the destination a bit easier. Think about the confusion that can result when you do not know how much to tip a waiter in Costa Rica. How do you hail a cab in London? Bangkok? Are there absolute social taboos in New Zealand? Advice on such topics is easy to find and easy to pass along to your clients. Doing so will solidify the bond between you and your existing clients and will earn you a few new followers as your clients pass along a tip of their own: “Use my travel agent…

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