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Stop Selling Travel

When consumers are happy with a purchase, they will brag about the buy they made. When they are unhappy, however, they will complain about what they were sold. It is true – people love to buy, but they hate to be sold. In that simple truism is a lesson for travel consultants: help clients make intelligent buying decisions and they will sing your praises.

Clients will often come to you with their minds firmly set on a particular trip. Even in these instances, it is worthwhile to slow down for a few moments and discuss the trip with them. Often, they are purchasing because of an ad they saw or a story from a friend of a friend – and, especially with inexperienced travelers, there are better options to consider. Spend time with clients considering the options, combining your knowledge of travel product and tour operators with the clients’ authentic travel ambitions. Your clients will be happier and you will get credit for helping them make a good buy.

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