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Baltimore Here And Now

Two days ago I wrote that we were “virtually” ready to launch the first online travel show powered by TRO’s technology. Today, that first show rolls out. The Baltimore Home Based Travel Agent Show held at the first of this week is history. The virtual counterpart to that show, however, is the future.

The promoter of the Baltimore show, Travel Industry Shows (TIS), and OSSN, the sponsor,  have poured a lot of time and energy into producing not only the physical show over the three day period this week, but have now teamed up with TRO to launch the virtual counterpart, which you can visit by clicking here.

TRO is pleased to lend its support to any endeavor that serves to bring the agency community and suppliers into closer contact. Importantly, TIS, OSSN and TRO ensured that this show was affordable for suppliers by making it a “value add” to their show participation.  With the economy buffeting everyone, now is a good time to cooperate in every way possible to generate business. 

The show launches today with a few more than 50 suppliers and we anticipate the addition of several more over the next couple of weeks.  The virtual booths will be available for viewing 24 hours a day for the next 90 days.  Many of the suppliers have offered incentives and fam trips to agents registering at their booth, and doing so is an excellent way to launch into a new relationship with a supplier partner.

We designed the technology to be very efficient and flexible.  In fact, after the 90 day period, much of the show will “morph” into a multimedia electronic tour operator directory.  We can add any new components, or delete any, that agents desire.  We do want to hear from you so that we might shape the development of the show formats to better fit your needs.  One key difference is that many of the booths are “staffed” by avatars.  You can email the suppliers at your leisure and they can in turn respond in a thoughtful manner.  Thus, we have not launched with a “chat” feature.  This also means that the show has no “opening hours.”  Visit the show when you have time and are most able.

If you have feedback to provide TRO, please do so by emailing me directly at And please, enjoy the show.

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