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Your 2009 Marketing Plan: Make it happen – Part I

TRO is devoting the next few weeks to assisting agents in developing a 2009 Marketing Plan. Follow along with us each day to gain the traction you need to make 2009 your best year ever.

We have spent the last four to five weeks gathering together the various components of our action plan. Now there are a couple of final steps.  This week we will talk about  the importance of  putting your plan in writing, and we will speak to the importance of continually revising your plan.  But before that: The Sermon.

Business plans are important. Organization is essential. Clarity of expression and correctly assessing markets: priceless.

But not a one of these is worth anything without ACTION. Be sure to write an Action Plan (how and when) along with your Marketing Plan (what to do). Too many times we over-plan and over-perfect and in the process lose valuable opportunities to others who are quicker to act.

Advice like this can be easily misunderstood. Certain essentials have to be in place prior to marketing. Don’t throw out your business plans and your careful research. But also do not let those things become excuses for not moving quickly and decisively. In fact, one of the key failings of many businesses is to believe they are executing a plan simply because they have one. It is not enough to have a plan: you must act on it!

The solution is simple: make your Marketing Calendar a key component of every your plan. Force the plan onto your marketing calendar. If during planning you have to re-calendar once, do it reluctantly. If you have to do it twice, get serious – refuse to re-calendar a third time. Do not let the process of planning defeat your plans.

Act decisively, act intelligently, but for goodness sake ACT!  Or don’t.  It will be up to no one but yourself. In the final analysis, it is as simple, and difficult, as that.

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