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My new hybrid travel word

Over the past few years, there has been a glut of hybrid words in the travel industry. Stay-cations were for those unable to take a va-cation. Baby-moons were for those who were a little too late for the honey-moon. The boys weekend in Vegas? The man-cation. And of course the MLM crowd has their pay-cations. Well, here is a new hybrid for you. And you heard it here first;  I am heading out on a me-cation!

Yes, as you are reading this I will be sunning my pasty white northeast legs on the Carnival Elation and sipping some foo foo drink with an umbrella. Depending on the strength of the foo foo drink, creating a column might be a problem—hence my composing it on November 3rd.

I will be speaking at the IT Travel Group’s convention on board the Elation and will be discussing Niche Marketing. As many of you know, I have the Single Parent Travel niche and the IT Group thought my “wisdom” might be of use. Hopefully it will and I will be sure to report back with all I have learned.

But I am also looking forward to my me-cation. No kids, no wife, no girlfriend, nothing but me and my suitcase (and unfortunately a laptop that will be seldom used). I have not done this since 2001 when I went to Beaches Boscobel for 5 nights and had a blast. After my presentations are done, I am looking forward to refreshing myself, watching the sunsets in Cabo San Lucas and redefining my business for 2009 and beyond. I have taken notes from the TRO Marketing Plan Series and am well prepared to map out the future!

It makes a lot of sense to get away from the office to clear your head. Forget about the emails, cell phones, and the petty problems. Travel is an elixir and one of the best therapy sessions I can imagine.

So, enjoy your week and think of me poolside sipping a foo foo drink without a care in the world enjoying my very own me-cation!

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