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Bliss Honeymoons: A different approach

Are you looking for a change of pace? Maybe you are looking to add some pizzazz to your existing business? Interested in a program that is recession-resistant? One that offers all of the tools you need to succeed? You know, one of those “just add one qualified agent and a bunch of enthusiasm” and hang on experiences? Maybe you need to take a look at a Bliss Honeymoons dealership.

While honeymoons are perhaps the oldest segment of leisure travel, they are also one of the most consistent. People will marry, and they will travel. Often, the honeymoon is THE single most important trip of a person’s life. Mess one up, and you might not ever book another. If you are looking to specialize in honeymoons or are looking to add a honeymoon specialty to your agency, take a look at Bliss Honeymoons for a different perspective at a reasonable cost.

Laura Frazier, founder of Bliss Honeymoons is a graduate of the Ohio University Travel and Tourism program. After graduating in 2004, she began her career in travel without much focus or vision. When a client happened upon her agency and Laura closed a honeymoon sale for $7,000, she immediately knew she had found her niche and Bliss Honeymoons was born in 2005.

As she grew her business, Laura began to learn that many “honeymoon specialists” were either failing or struggling and wondered why. What she discovered was that it was not for lack of destination or property knowledge, but lack of marketing and sales knowledge. A light bulb went off and the Bliss Honeymoons Dealership program was born in early 2008.  This program is unlike the other “honeymoon specialist” programs in that it assumes (and assures) the agent is enthused, interested, and knowledgeable of the market. Taking this as a base, Bliss Honeymoons will deliver a turn-key program to harness that passion and meld it with the sales and marketing necessary to grow the business exponentially.

This is not a fly by night idea. To give you an idea of how serious Bliss Honeymoons is about the quality of agents accepted into the program, consider that there is a detailed application, reference checks, interviews, and verification of past sales. They are not looking for people who view travel as a hobby. “MLM companies need not apply.” says Frazier. “We are looking for a seriousness of purpose. We encourage and train all of our dealers to operate on a retainer basis—and they’re pleasantly surprised at how well it works for them. Serious professionals will attract serious clients.”

When you become a licensed Bliss Honeymoons dealer, you are provided with a turn-key start-up kit that includes a complete trade show booth (with Bliss Honeymoons branding to your specific dealership), an inventory of marketing materials (flyers, cards, brochures), and stationery customized to your individual agency. Ongoing support and training is provided for the one time fee. “We compete based on service alone. Price is non-negotiable and our clients understand both the importance of “this” trip and the importance of having a trained and qualified professional handle the planning of it.” added Frazier.

Bliss Honeymoons has made tremendous headway in building their brand by exhibiting at both consumer and travel trade shows, advertising on website, speaking at various events, and being cited as the honeymoon experts in many publications. When you are a Bliss Honeymoons dealer, your area is protected, so there is no need to worry about your competition eroding your market.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bliss Honeymoons dealership program, keeping your competition at bay, and increasing your bottom line, you can contact Laura Frazier directly or attend one of their regularly scheduled free webinars on the program.

Bliss Honeymoons is located in Columbus, OH and can be reached at 888-653-6023. Their main website is For detailed information on the dealership, there is an agent only site located at

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