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Destination Greece: Who do you Trust…?

No, this article is not a reference to Johnny Carson’s 60’s ABC show… It rather addresses a real life current issue related to global markets and more specifically the tourism market.

Admittedly, web technologies and the Internet have contributed to a large extend in consumers being able to enjoy solutions that really fit their requirements. From customizing pizza toppings in online pizzeria stores to designing one’s personal insurance plan the rational is the same; let the clients get exactly what they want.

However, when it comes to travel plans and arrangements we have a totally different ball game. Here clients wish to place trust on human beings, sharing their views, approving or modifying their proposals, presenting them with alternatives and of course supporting them when away from their base. Similarly, travel agents establish cooperation with tour operators they trust, with real entities specializing in travel operations, knowledgeable and capable of offering their clients high quality services.

It is obvious that TRUST is the main factor in this chain of services. Trust between the tour operator and the travel agent propagating over to trust between the travel agent and the traveler.

Well, search no more; Destination Greece is your trusted expert to Greece!


First and foremost, because we realize how important trust is in a special business field such as travel and tourism.

Second, because we know Greece as well as Greeks do. We know the country, we speak the language, we know the people, we live and breathe the Greek tourism market.

Third, because although we are a US-based tour operator, we offer our services locally at the place where your clients are namely in Greece. We don’t run things remotely from an office six thousand miles away. Instead, we are there for the travel agent’s peace of mind and the traveler’s best experience in Greece.

But then there is more:

We are happy to know our cooperators understand the importance Destination Greece attributes to consistency in our itineraries and quotations, as well as on the high level of standards of our services.

We eliminate from our quotations all small print conditions, all hidden fees and provide a crystal clear document outlining exactly what services our quotations correspond to.

We strive to provide added value in all our services so that the clients get the best deal for their money.

We take pride in the excellent comments we receive both from travel agents and their clients. We go the extra step to ensure that when clients depart they will carry with them lifelong memories of an amazing, unique experience in Greece as introduced to them by Destination Greece.

Last but not least, Destination Greece provides customized itineraries and quotations for Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Italy within 24 hours, on a 24×7 basis.

We invite you to register with Destination Greece and to experience the high quality personalized services we can offer to your clientele. We look forward to receiving your feedback at: and to talking to you on our Toll Free: 1-888-GREECE-8.

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