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Offer A Free Report

As a travel consultant, it is important to remember that you have expert insight into a topic of keen interest to consumers. One of the best marketing strategies is to offer a useful free report on a travel topic in which potential clients might have an interest. Here are some possible topics:

  • 10 Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them
  • 5 Tips for Booking your Next Vacation
  • Tips for Traveling Abroad
  • How to Choose a Tour Operator

Where can you find good material on which to pattern these stories? Ideas for these stories, and hundreds like them are readily available. For example, go to USA Today’s web site and type in the search term “Travel Tips.” You will be rewarded with dozens of stories from which you can derive good ideas for your own free report.

Once you have developed your free report, place a “teaser” on your company web site or in your newsletter. Mention it on fliers with an email address to request the free report or a telephone number to call. When someone requests a copy of the report, collect their contact information in return and permission to send them additional reports and travel specials as they become available. On each report, include a short biography of your company along with the other important elements of your branding. Finally, request that each recipient pass the report on to others who would benefit from the report – a great way to use “viral marketing” to your advantage.

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