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Costa Rica

The fastest growing travel destination in Central America is also a paradise for nature lovers and adventure travelers. Highly accessible, English speaking and the greenest of green destinations, Costa Rica has something for everyone.

60-Second Geography

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a land teeming with the paradoxes of its geographical location, bridging North and South America and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The resulting climate makes it ideal for year-round travel. The forces of nature are at their spectacular best here, churning out rainforest and volcanoes, great beaches and vistas. The animals and plants of the region are of two great continents. The diversity of flora and fauna, of geography and terrain all come together here in a mere 50,895 square kilometers.  

  • In Costa Rica, the seasons revolve around a dry season, December through April and a wet season May through November. Costa Rica promotes their “wet season” as the “Green Season.” This is not just clever marketing. The Green Season is an excellent time to travel to Costa Rica. This is when the warm, wet climate brings the plant life into full bloom, and the country’s verdant flora explodes with the vibrant life characteristic of Costa Rica
  • As a bridge between North and South America, Costa Rica’s biodiversity is astonishing. Monkeys, sloths, tapirs and wildcats as well as an unrivaled collection of bird species numbering more than 800 make their home in the rainforest. With more than 25% of the country in national parks, there is great opportunity to leave the beaten path and to see the wide variety of plant and animal life year round.
  • Costa Rica’s mountain ranges, situated between two oceanic climatic and moisture zones mean that rainfall is a part of Costa Rica’s ecology. Annual rainfall averages approximately 100 inches in the plains and 150 inches in the mountains occurring in the early afternoons in the highest elevations and late afternoon or night in the plains.
  • Any experienced visitor to Costa Rica will tell you that there is no end to the amazing array of things to do. Costa Rica is a nature lover’s paradise. Better yet, ecotourism is a way of life in Costa Rica.
  • The country plays host to a wide variety of adventure sports and favorites of travelers include mountain biking, river rafting and scuba diving. Hikes through the rainforests include trips to active volcanoes, boat trips on rivers snaking through the rain forests and opportunities to ride a zip line through the forest canopy. You can watch live lava flows on Arenal Volcano, bird watch (some of the best and most diverse in the world), stand on mountaintops where both the Atlantic and the Pacific are visible, watch the marine turtles at Tortuguero
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