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Ireland Week!

Travel Research Online is proud to introduce a new feature column: 60-Second Geography

Here is a short take on the Republic of Ireland and on Northern Ireland that your clients may find of interest. Please feel free to use this content in your newsletters and on your website.

60-Second Geography

The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

There’s something for everyone in Ireland. The Emerald Isle’s scenery is, well, green, and the activities include golf, hiking and biking tours, taking in the countryside or one of the many festivals held annually in the small villages and towns. Economic success over the past few years has not dimmed the traditional way of life, and the Irish hold on to their cultural heritage with an ease that permeates everything from the road signs to the ever-present music and pub culture. And let’s not forget the Island is populated by the friendliest people in the world!  

  • The capital of the Republic of Ireland is Dublin. The capital of Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, is Belfast.
  • 20% of North Americans can trace their ancestory to Ireland. Want to check out your geneology? Visit
  • Visit on the cheap – competitive airfares, bed and breakfasts, trains, ferries and self drives!
  • From North America, fly into either Dublin or Shannon for Ireland or Belfast for Northern Ireland.
  • St. Patrick’s “Day” lasts a week in Ireland and there is no shortage of festivals at other times like the Puck Festival or the Rose of Tralee Festival!
  • Fishing in Ireland is hard to beat and a favorite outdoor sport of many travelers.
  • About 25% of all the world’s golf courses are in Ireland.
  • Self-drive vacations are easy…but remember to drive on the left and watchout for round-abouts and, in the rural areas, sheep!
  • If either hiking or biking is a favorite pastime, Ireland boasts hundreds of miles of great countryside and spectacular coastline.
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Top Specials to Ireland!

by Brian Moore International Tours

  • Dublin Getaway – Ireland’s capital has merry associations with music, laughter, beer, and the warmest of hospitality, complementing the deep tradition of one of the world’s proudest cultural heritages.
  • Tee Off in Ireland – Tee it off at some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses while enjoying the hospitality of the Irish people in their B&Bs.
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