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Oh the sites you will see

As a corporate agent, I am constantly surfing the net for new tools to help me service my clients more efficiently and effectively.  I’ve come across a few favorites along the way, and without some, I probably would be making a lot more phone calls then necessary throughout the day.  Corporate travel can be time consuming enough, and when you’re taking call after call you have to move quickly onto the next.  Here are my favorites:

These sites and products are lifesavers for me and the other corporate hacks in my office.  Maybe some of you have your own and would like to share as well. SO why not make someone else’s life a bit easier and post your favorite link below!

Lisa Rapavi is a Corporate Travel Agent for The Leaders Group based in Montvale NJ. She is a home based working from her home in PA. She has been an agent for over 18 years, working in all facets of travel, but focus’ her travel skills in the corporate travel arena. Lisa can be contacted at L.Rapavi@tlgtravel.com

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  1. WJ says:

    You got some good ones here. Thanks

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