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On Your Own – Travel Agent Diaries

ASTA some time ago developed the terrific grassroots campaign “Without a travel agent you are on your own.” But what is the sound of one travel agent clapping? More and more travel agents find themselves in positions where they are being asked to do more with less. Offices are being trimmed down in terms of staffing, or agents are moving home, losing the support and companionship of co-workers and the everyday interaction with other agents. Many agents have a sense of being on their own.

Every day as a travel consultant brings new delights and new problems. We take two steps forward, one back and two sideways and call it progress. It can be comforting to know that there are literally tens of thousands of other travel agents “out there” sharing your daily experiences. For that reason, TRO will launch this week its “Travel Agent Diaires” – a series of articles where we will follow a small group of travel agents throughout the year.  We will watch their efforts at building a travel practice.  I hope it will be an opportunity to identify with others and to take a peek at the daily life of other agents with problems and solutions just like your own. As you get to know the agents we will feature, keep in mind that you may not always agree with their decisions or the marketing methods.  That’s why we also provide you with the ability to comment on their stories.  Let them know how you feel!  Give them a congratulations or a slap on the hand. Tuesday of this week will be our first installment of Travel Agent Diaries, so let us know what you think.

While we are on the topic of interacting with other agents, certainly the interaction found on forums like TRO’s Community is an important way of professionally engaging other agents. Over 5,500 agents have found a home there, making it the largest travel agent forum on the internet. Communicating with your peers opens up new possibilities in coping with your own business and personal situations. Need assistance with a research project, advice about a supplier, a destination or just need to be heard? Give TRO’s Community an opportunity to help.

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