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International travelers are often faced with the problem of staying in touch with people at home. Although many cell phone providers have plans that cover overseas travel, those plans can be expensive and are not universally available. Alex Filippov, the general manager of, has an answer for travel agents and their clients looking for an easy solution to international phone calls. Alex’s company is offering travel agents an opportunity to generate significant commission income by promoting discount International Mobile Roaming services to their customers. offers complete mobile communications solutions: Mobile phone packages, International SIM cards and International Cell Phone  Rentals for North American customers traveling to Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and Australia. Many customer already have a GSM unlocked World Phone. All they need is a SIM card and the service, both provided by

OneSimCard offers savings of up to 90% compared to AT&T and T-Mobile international roaming services. In addition, OneSimCard is an official supplier of SIM cards for Palm, Inc.

Here are some OneSimCard service highlights:

  • Coverage in over 160 Countries
  • Free incoming calling in over 54 countries
  • Free incoming SMS/Text everywhere
  • Internet Data services in over 40 countries
  • No Monthly or other periodic charges
  • Phone number never expires

The good news for agents? pays continuing commissions over the life of the customer’s account. This differs from all other commissions based compensations schemes because OneSimCard pays commissions evergreen, i.e. for the life of the customer account.

Customers generally use OneSimCard service on a regular basis for years when traveling to various countries. Every time a customer buys more airtime or another phone, a commission is generated. Commission revenue grows with each new customer added.

Selling OneSimCard services is very easy. Each agency is issued a promotional coupon that provides discounts to customers.  Once the promo discount coupon is used at the company website, the agency will be associated with the customer and the commission amount will be calculated.

OneSimCard will also provide a banner link containing an ID that the agency can post on their web site.

OneSimCard also provides an agent portal where customer and commission information is updated in real time. Master agents can sign up sub-agents and issue individual promo coupons, agent IDs and share in the commissions.

Each OneSimCard customer gets access to interpreter services in 150 languages when traveling abroad. Customers can also earn reward points with many reward programs like Northwest Airlines Mobile Perks, Marriott Rewards, Hilton HHonors, and many others. You can find more details about this program at
Learn more about OneSimCard at and sign up for the affiliate program at or by calling 800-640-2599.

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