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The Travel Agent’s Guide to Social Marketing – Introduction

Everybody’s talking about it and, if you believe the hype, everybody’s doing it. Marketing gurus from all corners of the virtual world are captivated by the potential of social marketing. But what is it exactly and does it really hold the potential that all of the buzz promises? The 365 Guide this week will look at social marketing from a travel agency point of view and see where the enterprising travel planner could possibly find some tangible benefit in participation in the media darlings of Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, and other social media marketing opportunities.

Firstly, a confession. All those marketing gurus, including me, are guessing. There are certainly some success stories from all of the various social media formats, but the real value to any given business is at best, uncertain. The venues are new, the actual return on investment difficult to measure, and the case studies few and far between outside of very high profile brands. There is little doubt that for some companies with a tight niche market, tangible products or a well-defined brand, social marketing has been an extraordinary and exciting new way of creating buzz among consumers. However, the impact of social marketing for small service oriented businesses is far from certain. Social marketing wrongly implemented can be a productivity and time waster. Many well-intentioned travel agents simply try to do too much – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Online Communities and blogging – time that could and should be spent elsewhere if the return is not evident and growing. Therefore, travel agencies are well advised to layer on social marketing not as a primary marketing channel but as one that supplements a well-grounded repertoire of fundamental marketing tactics like networking, public relations and advertising. Social networking is cost-effective as most networks are free to join. However, each effort requires an expenditure of time and energy.

What is social marketing? Social marketing is marketing that seeks to raise the profile of a company  with a target audience by leveraging or creating networks of consumers. In essence, when you join the Chamber of Commerce in your local community for business purposes, you are social marketing. There you will meet many new people and some of them are potential clients. You will introduce yourself in your travel agent persona and have a great many conversations about a variety of topics. In your Chamber activities, you will attempt to create an association in the minds of the other Chamber members between travel and your company and thereby raise the visible profile of your company. Social media on the internet seeks to do the same thing. By joining or creating online communities of people, you will thereby encounter many who are potential clients for your business. You will also better retain those clients over the long-term by keeping them engaged in your company’s story.

Here is a very clever explanation of social marketing from Common Craft.

The essence of social marketing on the internet is creating a conversation with the other members of the communities you choose. Those conversations will often, perhaps even most often, not be overtly commercial or even about your business. Social marketing conversations frequently cover topics of a much wider scope or application than your need to promote your business. In fact, the key to keeping your audience engaged in conversation has everything to do with their needs, not your own. So to the extent that the conversations you foster are of immediate and real benefit to the other members of the community, the more engaged they will feel and the more likely you are to realize conversions from conversations to actual sales opportunities. So, avoid aggressive marketing and incessant promotion. In your conversations, share your insight, share your expertise and the rest will follow.

As we explore the most promising social marketing venues this week, keep the concept of “conversation” utmost in your mind. There are a few other points that pertain across all of the social marketing opportunities that we will want to consider:

  • While you might want to experiment with a number of social marketing venues, you are well advised to find one or two and stick with them. Each different opportunity will involve your time and energy and those are limited resources. Spend them wisely. Once you have adopted a venue, make it an object of study – become an expert in the media, not just a dabbler.
  • Target your community and then target your conversations! If your target audience is not on a given community, it does not matter how large the community is. Niche social networking is smarter than simply going where the crowds are – think about blue ocean strategies.
  • Develop a consistent persona. Who are you? What is your brand? What image do you want to project? Just as when you meet someone in person, you will carry a personality into online social marketing. Your brand must be clear, and while you probably will not want to be overtly commercial, do remember that you are on a business mission. Your online persona will carry your brand into the online community, so spend a lot of time polishing and working on perfecting the image you want to project.

Tomorrow – Facebook

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  7 thoughts on “The Travel Agent’s Guide to Social Marketing – Introduction

  1. Ryan Lettow says:


    GREAT article! Travel Imperssions has also embraced Social Networking, and very true it should be used to supplement you primary marketing plan. Great way to build hype for group events, and grow a more personal relationship with your clientele!

    To throw a quick plug in here, you can follow Travel Impressions on Twitter ( and on facebook ( )

    Looking forward to the facebook piece tomorrow.

    Ryan Lettow
    Business Development Specialist
    Northeast Region
    Travel Impressions

  2. Tom Lewis says:

    A very good article on Social Media branding. I have been using Twitter as my primary entry into this realm @TomTravel2 is my Twitter persona. As yet, my activities have led to no bookings but several leads. Our web site traffic has increased dramatically since I became active on Twitter. I am not sure where it will lead but I will continue to pursue it to find out. If you choose to explore Twitter, you will find many travel industry people among my followers.

    Tom Lewis
    Independent Outside Travel Agent

  3. A great travel community is emerging on Twitter, Facebook, travel blogs and more. Even if you aren’t too sure how you want to use social media for your business, sign-up to these sites and start “listening” to what others are saying. You will quickly see how easy these sites are to use and helpful they can be for learning the latest travel deals, destinations, news and more! Join Pleasant Holidays on Twitter at, on Facebook at: or on our blog at:

  4. Guisselle says:

    best article summarizing social marketing! like the specific tactics and suggestions….

  5. Alan Mulhall says:

    Great article! I’ve really enjoyed reading this series on Social Marketing. Montrose Travel has started a page on both Twitter and Facebook and find it a great way to reach out to our current and hopefully future customers.
    You can find us at and

  6. Alan Mulhall says:

    Great article! I’ve really enjoyed reading this series on Social Marketing. Montrose Travel has started a page on both Twitter and Facebook and find it a great way to reach out to our current and hopefully future customers.
    You can find us at and

  7. Jared says:

    Social Media Marketing is definitely important for travel agents, but it is not a panacea and it is not quick. It is a small part of a comprehensive plan.

    I myself try to help travel agents with finding leads as well:

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