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Barbados – by Luxury Retreats!

Barbados is the easternmost of the islands of the Caribbean and a popular vacation spot for Europeans as well as North Americans. The “garden of the West Indies” offers more expansive vistas and varied landscapes than many of the other islands in the region. Travel Agent supplier Luxury Retreats offers the finest villas on Barbados, so join us there in style!

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Barbados has a legacy of three uninterruped centuries of a stable relationship with the United Kingdom and is sometimes called “Little England.” Here one can still enjoy afternoon tea in the British style, cricket is the national sport, and many of the native “Bajans” speak with a accent that is distinctly British.  

  • The lovely beaches of pink and white sand and a West Indian tradition as thick and rich as the Caribbean offers are characteristic of the Bajan experience. The island is easily reached from the United States, and offers a wide array of excellent facilities for travelers.
  • Much of the resort development is on the island’s west coast near the capital of Bridgetown and land prices here are very high.
  • The east coast, exposed to the Atlantic and very rough, is protected from development.
  • Barbados offers up terrific scenery and the Bajan vistas are some of the best in the Caribbean. Driving tours are great opportunities to see the quaint seaside villages and plantations, many dating back to the 17th century.
  • Hiking or driving through the interior of the island is very worthwhile. The wonderful beaches get all the attention, but the little visited parishes of St. Thomas and St. George, St. Andrews, St. Joseph, and St. John are all memorable points of interest for the visitor really wanting to get to know Barbados.
  • Reminders of the island’s long history with England are everywhere. At Trafalgar Square, the monument honoring Lorn Nelson and the great public buildings harken back to the colonial past.
  • The Anglican church, St. Michael’s Cathedral was first built in 1655 but was destroyed by a hurricane in 1780. Rebuilt in 1789, George Washington worshiped here on his visit to Barbados.
  • Farley Hill National Park is the grounds of the former mansion now in ruins, Farley Hill. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is nearby, an excellent spot for a picnic and time spent watching the waves crash upon the shore. 
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Villas in Barbados!

by Luxury Retreats!


  • Aquarius Villa – 4 Bedrooms, Pool – Overlooking the Sandy Lane Golf Course – Limited Time Promotion: Stay 5 nights, pay for only 4, or stay 14 nights, pay for only 11.
  • Prospect House – 5 Bedrooms, Pool – On the island’s famous West Coast – Limited Time Promotion: Stay 5 night, pay for only 4, or stay 14 nights, pay for only 11.
  • Mullins View 14 – 4 Bedrooms, Pool – Access to The Royal Westmoreland Beach Club Spa and air-conditioned gym – Limited Time Promotion: Stay 5 nights, pay for only 4, or stay 14 nights, pay for only 11.
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