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Client-Centric Credentials

Establishing credentials with your clients is one of the best ways to ensure that they look to you for consultation. Consumers go to accountants with a CPA, to physicians with an MD and even their massage therapist has the designation of “LMT” (Licensed Massage Therapists). These credentials speak to insider knowledge, expertise and authority and justify the economics of each profession. As a travel consultant, there are opportunities to accomplish similar credentials with the Travel Institute, CLIA and others.  Each gold star on your resume is a marketing opportunity.

While the travel profession’s designations are not as well known to the public, (why they are not is another story), they have a definite marketing cache. Additionally, fam trips, training courses, and even your involvement with consortia, franchises and other industry organizations speak to your professionalism. Make sure your own marketing boasts your accomplishments, your involvement with the industry at a professional level, and that you share the results of your fam trips with your clientele upon your return in a simple letter, postcard, or more elaborately, in a newsletter.

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However, it’s not enough merely to accumulate and publicize your accomplishments.  To do so is the same as simply placing a long list of “features” on your marketing collateral.

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