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Europe by GTT Global

Western civilization’s roots lie in the continent of Europe. But Europe is a widely divergent continent, with borders and national loyalties that even today continue to shift and define themselves. No matter where you travel in Europe, you see the echoes and archetypes from which sprang North America. The great colonial powers of Europe left their mark on much of the rest of the world and the cultural, literary, economic and artistic influence of the continent has been profound.

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Tips to Share With Your Disabled Clients

Cruising is often billed as one of the most accessible vacation choices for wheelchair-users and slow walkers. In fact, according to a 2002 Harris Interactive poll, 12 percent of disabled adults had taken a cruise in the previous five years, compared to 8 percent of the able-bodied population. So chances are, even if you don’t specialize in accessible cruises, you’re still likely to have at least a few disabled cruise clients.

These days wheelchair-users and slow walkers turn to travel agents for far more than just a cruise reservation; they also look to them for their expertise in handling logistical issues relating to their disability. With that in mind, here are a few nuts-and-bolts tips to share with your disabled cruise clients. Read the rest of this entry »