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Saizan’s Travel, LLC–Ch ch ch changes

The only thing in business that is constant is change.  I’ve implemented several changes this month in my business and continue to work on refining others.  I guess you can say I am constantly changing!

A couple of months ago I implemented a fee structure.  What I’ve found is some will play and some won’t. So now I need to figure out what’s next.  The fee structure is the single best thing I’ve done this year as far as change is concerned.

I’ve never given much thought to branding before.  For some reason I though branding belonged to the “big guys” and didn’t apply to me.  Well, branding does apply to me and is very important.  I’ve changed my logo to reflect what I sell, wrote a policy and procedure manual, and made sure my promise to the client is evident and consistently implemented.  There is so much to learn about branding.  My study of branding continues and changes are made as I learn.

Hiring a business coach is another change I have made.  My coach is Cory Andrichuk with BrandUCoaching (  His coaching practice is limited to travel entrepreneurs and his prices are affordable.  This has proven to be a tremendous help for my business.  I am learning to narrow my focus based on my core values and goals.  This has given me a renewed energy for my business.  Although it may be coincidental, I’ve already exceeded my monthly sales goal by $19,801.63 since I started with Cory.

Following two FAM trips to Jamaica in 8 weeks (one Sandals FAM and one Jamaica Tourist Board FAM) I have changed my opinion on Jamaica.  There is a new Prime Minister who has been in office for two years.  He has made significant changes to promote tourism to Jamaica.  I’ve noticed that Jamaica is more clean and the people seem friendlier.  When visiting the market, I was no longer followed by vendors begging me to buy their wares.  The overall “feel” in Jamaica was more secure and welcoming.

Yes, change is constant.  Until next month, happy selling!

Pat Saizan, ACC, CTC owns Saizan’s Travel based in Altamonte Springs, FL (a home based agency hosted by Travel Planners International).  For more information, you can contact Pat at

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