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GTT Global – Air Consolidation Buying Power

When your company is the largest airline ticketing consolidator in the United States, you have to be good at what you do.  GTT Global holds the honor of being the largest  airline consolidator both in terms of sales and number of locations.  With over $500 million in sales, 40 offices nationwide, and nearly 600 employees, GTT has established itself as the consolidator of choice for many travel agencies.  GTT Global was established in 1984 as a retail travel agency and has since grown into one of the powerhouses in the travel industry.

Agents often have problems finding a consolidator for a particular airline.  Look no farther. With such buying power, agencies are not restricted to certain carriers. GTT Global has consolidator fares for all U.S. carriers and every major International carrier. They are a one stop shop for your international clients.

GTT is very mindful of its roots. They have a strong multi lingual presence and a very heavy lift into Asia. On an operational level, they do not rely on any online booking capabilities—the personal touch seems to work very well for them. Technology of course, does play a role. Registered agents can look up fares and commissions on the website, they can call a local office, or if they are GDS enabled, they can bridge a PNR (Passenger Name Record) over to GTT for pricing and ultimately ticketing. This is almost as seamless as having your own contracts. GTT provides travel agents with the largest selection of air carrier contracts withcompetitive net fares that agents can mark up. In some instances there are generous commissions for published international airfares as well.

While GTT’s main business is a consolidator, they have also parlayed their strength in Asia into Majestic Vacations—a supplier that offers economy packages to China. If you have a budget restricted client, Majestic may be a great option. United Airlines Vacations seemed to think so as they selected Majestic to put together their Asia and China packages.

Leading the team at GTT Global is Mark Nelson, Director of Sales and Marketing. Mark has a long and varied career in the travel business with twenty four years in airline sales and the past eight years with GTT.  When asked what really sets GTT apart from the crowd his answer was simple, “Relationships.” Mark continued, “We believe in maintaining relationships and not relying solely on technology to get our job done. We have strategically placed our offices and staff to handle the needs of any U.S. based travel agency and we will work with you by whatever means you are most comfortable—phone, fax, email, or GDS.”  With travel being a “relationship” business, this is a refreshing outlook.

GTT Global is based in Dallas with offices across the U.S. Travel Professionals can register on their site at or call them at 800-485-6828.

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