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Saizan’s Travel, LLC — More fee confusion

August was one slow month!  Only a small handful of sales.  I had to check my phone hourly to see if it was working.  As we all know, the “back to school” month is slow; but this was downright sluggish.  September is here, “they say” the economy is “picking up” so I look forward to more sales.

With so much free time on my hands I completed the Magic of Mexico online course ( and updated my websites.  I also discovered Joomla – a robust content management system for websites.  With Joomla I discovered I can get a great website up within a few hours, as opposed to days using Dreamweaver.  Joomla has become increasingly popular with Web Developers.  Not only is it free, it is super powerful and easy to use.  With Joomla you can create a professional Web site as easily as creating a Word document.  You can download Joomla for free at

I’ve had my share of frustration with clients this month.  My showcase is a lawyer who wanted to travel with his family of 5 over the Christmas holidays on a 7-night cruise. He became downright irate upon learning it would cost him about $6000.00 total for 2 ocean view cabins (one double, one triple).  He emailed me that he “has a hard time believing a cruise would cost that much in this down economy.”  He insisted I give him a discount.  I asked him to give me a discount to do my will.  He said he doesn’t give discounts.  All I could do was laugh.

This month I did not charge any fees.  With the number of leads down I lost my confidence in asking for a fee.  Desperation set in.  I just wanted to make a few sales, and that is what I got…a few sales.  Now I am back to listening to Nolan Burris’ “Fees for All.”
I wish I had more to report for this month.  Until next month, I wish everyone happy sales!

  3 thoughts on “Saizan’s Travel, LLC — More fee confusion

  1. Nia says:

    September was sluggish for me as well Pat but I’m hanging in here and I know we can recup in the weeks to come.

  2. kathy says:

    Our sales have been sluggish as well,
    I am glad there is company, trying to hang on but getting discouraged

  3. Nadia says:

    I learned that people want to look big. One of my customers asked if I can compete with my quote – I told him that I don’t do this. I am above competition because of my credentials and service. If he wants something cheaper I can give a phone number for another agent who can do this for free. And he told me that he want to work with me! Another idea I learned from web master. When I called him – he asked what my budget is. Why? Because he wanted to see if my project is profitable to him! Don’t afraid to lose customer – they feel it by your intonation and voice. August and September were good for me!

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