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South America – By Solar Tours!

South America is a continent of vast expanse, resources and natural beauty. This wild continent, positioned between the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and the South Atlantic Oceans, remains unknown to many travelers, yet holds real treasure for both the intrepid explorer of nature and the lover of great cities.

60-Second Geography

South America

South America is a continent of superlatives: the biggest rainforest, the second longest river, the highest mountain range in the Western Hemisphere, tropics and ice, the world’s tallest waterfall and islands as remote and mysterious as any in the world.
  • A trip to the countries of South America remains the trip of a lifetime, a journey that will certainly rival any other. Whether to the high plateaus and ruins of Peru, the natural wonders of the Galapagos, or the icy landscapes of Patagonia, soft adventure travelers will never lack for a new holiday here.
  • The ruins of ancient civilizations sit scattered among the jungles and islands of South America, and modern day cities rich in culture and architecture are juxtaposed.
  • The flora and fauna of the great Amazon jungle is richer than that of Africa, and many plants and animals remain uncataloged.
  • For those of a more urban inclination the great colonial cities and modern metropolises of South America rival those of Europe.
  • South America is a land of extremes. Angel Falls in Venezuela is the world’s highest waterfall; the Amazon River the world’s largest by volume; the Andes is the longest mountain range. The driest desert on the planet is the Atacama Desert and the largest rainforest is the Amazon Rainforest.  La Paz, Bolivia is the world’s highest capital city and the highest navigable lake in the world is Lake Titicaca. The southernmost permanently inhabited community is Puerto Toro, Chile.
  • Increasingly, tourism is a significant source of revenue for many South American countries. The vast natural resources, ancient cities, architectural marvels and the diversity of foods and culture, attract tourists by the millions each year. Machu Picchu, the Amazon Rainforest, Isla Margarita, Natal, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Angel Falls, Lake Titicaca, Patagonia, Cartagena and the Galápagos islands rank as the most visited locations.
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