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Big Ideas: It’s all about ‘the action’

If any of you have heard enough of my live seminars, you can skip to the end; you’ve probably heard this before. Often, I will share a recorded interview with Howard Cosell and Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder.

Howard: Jimmy, what do you like best in life?

Jimmy: That’s easy Howard. I like to win.

Howard: Then, what do you like second best Jimmy?

Jimmy: That’s easy. I like to lose.

When I first heard this it hit me like a ton of bricks. What the Greekster was saying was that he liked the “action.” Don’t we all like “the action?”

But what actually is “the action?” Not too long ago, I was editing a letter for one of my clients, and I began to wonder what “the action” really meant. And then I came up with it!

It means you make things happen in your business. You make the calls. You write the letters. You send the articles. You blast the emails.

You do “stuff.” And when you do “stuff,” you make “stuff” happen.  It’s a linear, fool-proof game plan that has worked for me for over 25 years, and it will work for you.

Said another way, it is nothing more or less than making your own future happen by design.

And when you win, you enjoy the accolades. And when you lose, you still enjoy the experience.

Don’t wait for the action to come to you. Make the action happen.

You want to get some action in your business? Here’s a task for you. Make a list of ten people you have lost touch with over the years and make contact with them. The “how” part is up to you but to but you have email, telephones, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook and any number of other options at your disposal. Just do it; and send me an email to let me know what came of your efforts. I already know the answer. And here’s a little hint–get ready to smile.

Mike Marchev has “been around the bases” more than a few times, and enjoys sharing his street-smart lessons with who ever will pause long enough to listen.

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