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Big Ideas: What’s the best time to grow a tree?

If you have been listening to the evening news, it seems that a whole bunch of “stuff” has been getting in our way. Each broadcast is filled with negative doses of shenanigans associated with our health, automobiles, food, fuel, politicians, celebrities and other apparent news-worthy “stuff” that we need to know. Toss in some global warming and a receding of our glaciers, is it any wonder we sometimes want to toss our arms up and scream “I SURRENDER!”?

To pretend all of this news has no impact on your life would be naive. Even us positive, upbeat, motivational guys know better. Even if we blow a bunch of cleverly-tied together words, it still won’t put a bounce back in your step.

Let’s be real. There is only one thing that introduces “the bounce” back in your step; and as the crusty old cowboy said to  Billy Crystal in the movie City Slickers, “That’s something you’ll have to find out for yourself.”

Don’t you just hate it when you are reminded that much, if not all, of your future success lies in your own hands, and falls within your personal world of involvement?

Here is a weather-beaten quote I am sharing with you that you can use as your next Big Idea. You might have to read it more than once to fully comprehend the deep meaning of the 36 words. But, it is worth memorizing and you might even want to consider printing it and sticking it on your bathroom mirror to remind you each morning. Believe me, these words are worth internalizing.

“If my pitcher would pitch at the beginning of the game, the same way he  pitches at the end of the game, once he realizes he is losing,  he wouldn’t be losing in the first place.”

Casey Stengel, Mgr. NY Yankees

Here’s my spin:
Stop putting off what needs to be attended. And stop using the economy or any of that other “stuff” as your crutch.  Here’s the reality– the best time to grow a tree was twenty years ago and the best time to grow a business was also probably twenty years ago.

With that in mind, the next best time to plant a tree or start a business is here…today… RIGHT NOW!

Pick up the phone and call somebody … RIGHT NOW!

With each small success, you will find another small success and your energies will return to a healthy level once again.

Let the doomsayers write and say what they feel is in everyone’s best interest.

You? Do what is in your best interest. And do it NOW.

Now, go out and make more people in your personal marketplace glad they know you.

Mike Marchev has “been around the bases” more than a few times, and enjoys sharing his street-smart lessons with who ever will pause long enough to listen.

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