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Cancun Beach Renovation Update – A report from Vacation Express

Things have largely returned to normal along the beaches of Quinta Roo! Members of staff at Vacation Express have witnessed the work underway on the USD $71 million dollar ($957 million pesos) Cancun beach restoration and renovation project. The large government investment has brought tons of sand pumped from offshore


and then sprayed along miles of the most affected parts of Cancun’s beach front. The program includes underwater and some visible structures to prevent future beach erosion.

A maintenance fund is now in place and an ongoing program is underway to restore miles of beaches along the state of Quintana Roo to their original splendor, as many have been affected over time by erosion, climatic issues and the effects of Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

The project began with the arrival of more than a thousand tons of specialized equipment delivering more than two thousand tons of pipeline material to destination and more than 6.1 million cubic meters of sand to replenish all of Cancun’s Hotel Zone seashore.

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The Vacation Express Product team was excited to witness the equipment being moved into place adjacent to the Le Blanc Spa Resort. The beach restoration work involves the use of pipes to pump sand from the ocean floor on to the beaches, where it is then distributed and leveled by bulldozers. According to staff at one resort, the beachfront is expected to increase to approximately 40 meters, bringing back the spectacular beaches for which Cancun is so rightly famous.


Staff at Oasis Hotels also witnessed the beach renovations getting underway and photographed the work in progress. Vacationers should not be concerned – the project has been carefully planned to ensure the activities and services Cancun is known for will remain unaffected by the work. Most activity on the beach was completed within a day or so in front of each resort, with minimal disruption. This unique beach renovation project will provide a permanent solution not only for Quintana Roo, but the entire Mexican coast.

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