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Introducing Ivanna Gabbalot!

Excuse me, dahrlings, but…

I’m Being Exported!

My weekly slag column on has been discovered! Yes, Pumpkins, after years of helping the Canadian travel industry wrench its head out of its navel — god knows some folks would suffocate without me — I have been exported. American trade publisher Richard Earls wants me. And from what I’ve heard, what Dicky wants, Dicky gets.

Richard, dahrling, I’m yours. Do with me what you will!

Truth is, I’ve always felt underexposed. Each of my husbands urged me at one time or another to share my broad talents (in fact, sometimes we did). Canada’s travel industry has had me more than once. It’s time to expand. The bright lights of Broadway await. Hollywood, perhaps. I’ll settle for Tallahassee.

So, fair warning! Don’t be startled if you find my insightful insights peeking up at you from the most unexpected places. And to my dear yet-to-be-fans in the U.S. – fasten your seatbelts. There’s bound to be turbulence.


Excuse me, dahrlings, but

What’s Everyone So Happy About?

Pumpkins, apparently it’s good news all around for travel. A whack of predictions all point to a rebound. I’m told Americans are ‘rediscovering’ Europe. (Did someone move it?) Business travellers aren’t afraid of body scanners. Competitors are merging.  I hardly recognize the joint.

It’s a bloody optimism-fest out there. What’s the matter with you people? All I hear in Stepford-like staccato is:  “We’re having a really good winter.”  “Much better than expected.” “Bookings are way up over last year.”

I’d love to come over for fresh-baked cookies, but prices are still dropping like a would-be bomber’s trousers. The islands are so desperate to recoup the cash they aren’t getting from the hotel’s meager coffers, they want to charge a $10 ‘tourism tax’. And I’m pretty certain most of you are cheering that move. Otherwise, no ‘marketing’ injections for you. Which means that by fall, we’ll all be desperate.

But if you’ll pass me some of what everyone’s smoking, I’ll gladly inhale.

  2 thoughts on “Introducing Ivanna Gabbalot!

  1. Owwwch says:

    It’s so pink!

  2. Doug says:

    As a Canadian agent used to Ivana’s “musings”,
    a word of warning, as Dame Edna’s older smarter sister, she pulls no punches. Enjoy from afar, but you can’t have her!

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