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Mouse World Vacations – From office mice to Disney mice

“Everyone knows more about travel than I do.” When I first got into this business I thought that was going to be the case. Now, almost three years later, I know that is the case.  Why, because I hear it at least once a week. Not from other travel agents or vendors but from some random callers to my office who book airfare at least twice a year. They always “know the system” or “have a friend who said…”

Thanks to the Internet and 101 search engines, dozens of do it yourself websites and a barrage of TV and other advertising, everyone is a travel agent. Certainly better than someone who went to school for it and books dozens of flights every week. The only other job where everyone is sure they know more than the is a referee. So after a while, I started to ask myself “why do I do this?

The answer was an easy one for me–because I had to. After 25 years in the retail industry and 11 years in management for a national office supply retailer, I had endured enough. I have always thought some jobs are just meat grinders. The question becomes how fast does the handle spin for you?  For me it stated to spin real fast, so I jumped head first into the travel industry. Left the world of retail management, went to school, converted my “golf” themed office to a real office, and started my own business, Zzyzx Travel (after a road near baker, CA).  Makes sense right?

Then after two years of trying to know everything about everywhere I decided that it couldn’t be done. (Genius eh?) I needed a niche, a way to narrow my focus to places I know better. One of the primary reasons I even considered being a travel agent was that I truly enjoyed a trip to Walt Disney World I planned for my family down to the last detail. From there, I started to plan similar trips for others and the seed of an idea was born. Two years after starting Zzyzx Travel and over 150 bookings to various Disney Destinations all over the world, I decided to specialize, and Mouse World Vacations was born. Now, instead of the world, all I need to keep up on is about 100 hotels, 11 theme parks, 2 (soon to be 4) cruise ships and their destinations and 20 guided tours.   Piece of cake.  Now to find five minutes to relax and catch part of the game. What!!? What do mean that’s not a foul?? Are you blind?

Graig Wilkins (odd spelling and all) is a home based travel agent specializing in Disney destinations worldwide. He is the Owner /Manger of Mouse World Vacations and can be reached at or

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