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Big Ideas: It’s all about kindness

I knocked off another book this week! And before you take a jab as us guys from Jersey, I did not copy it, steal it, or plagiarize it. It just means that upon recommendation of a former client and current good friend from South Africa, I read and completely destroyed a book by underlining, highlighting and dog–earing it! And no, I don’t have a Kindle!

This one is a beauty, written by Ed Horrell called The Kindness Revolution.

I know what you’re thinking—not another “smile training” love fest book. Let me assure you, it is not even close!  In fact, it has signs of Tom Peter’s In Search of Excellence which put that guy on the map back in the 70s.

But the bottom line is that I will recommend this book to everyone in business as soon as they finish Become The Exception written by a down-to-earth, realistic, calls them as he sees them guy from New Jersey. Ed Horrell hails from Tennessee–another fine place to visit as soon as you cross New Jersey off of your Bucket List.

The Kindness Revolution featured a number of fine companies worthy of emulation. These included Federal Express, Nordstrom’s, The Ritz Carlton, Mrs. Field’s Cookies, St Jude Hospital and LL Bean. Not a bad list of well-known, well-respected organizations.

While the whole book is a great read, here are the 5 “takeaways” I got—they are worth your consideration as well.

  1. Each employee has an important job to do. Make sure they know what it is. Richard Earls had a column on this recently.
  2. Companies have a meaning and a purpose. (Do you?) In some shape or form, this should come dangerously close to serving the customer in a way that delivers value.
  3. Each employee should be empowered to make decisions. Don’t hire folks whose greatest asset is the ability to fog a mirror
  4. Great companies attract the best employees and customers by running an organization based on sincerity and consideration.
  5. There is value in dignity and respect and courtesy — and kindness.

If anybody has a good book they would like to recommend, I am all ears. Shoot me an email at Tell me the name of the book with author and why you liked it.

Here is another Big Idea: Ask somebody for directions to your local book store and drive on over to make a small investment in your future.

Mike Marchev has “been around the bases” more than a few times, and enjoys sharing his street-smart lessons with who ever will pause long enough to listen.

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