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Destination Greece – Steno’s travel dialogues

This dialogue could have taken place in Ancient Agora between Steno, a teacher of dialectic and Peripateticos, a travel agent interested in promoting Greece

Peripateticos: Greece? Of course, the Acropolis, the sun, the islands…

Steno: But do you love Greece? Loving it is a decisive factor for successfully promoting it and selling it, wouldn’t you agree?

Peripateticos: Well, to love Greece is to know Greece…

Steno: But, say then, how well do you know Greece?

Peripateticos: I have visited once. I paid my respects to Apollo’s Delphic Oracle and admired Parthenon’s harmony. I walked the Agora and even ventured to Attica’s edge at Poseidon’s Temple.

Steno: And you trust this is enough for one to claim oneself an expert in selling Greece?

Peripateticos: I would say so.Picture

Steno: Then, if I were to visit Phidias’s home and admire his marvelous sculptures and pay my respects to his art, would this make me an expert in sculpting?

Peripateticos: I would not think so.

Steno: And then, if I were to walk the streets of Giza and admire the Pyramids and the Sphinx, would this make me an expert on Egypt matters?

Peripateticos: I would say not.

Steno: Maybe, if I stood at awe in front of Argo and learned by heart the story of the Golden Fleece that would make me an Argonaut then?

Peripateticos: Not at all.

Steno: Would you then agree that a visitor or an admirer of Greece is not an expert in promoting Greece?

Peripateticos: I would have to.

Steno: Wouldn’t such an expert have to have lived for years in Greece so he would know the traditions and the ways of its people?

Peripateticos: That would certainly be an advantage.

Steno: And would he speak Greek too, or would the Greek language be just Greek to him?

Peripateticos: A real expert would.

Steno: And wouldn’t you expect an expert to be able to introduce a visitor to Greece and to the Greeks seamlessly? And without stressing the visitor, by getting him in haste from place to place?

Peripateticos: But of course.

Steno: And wouldn’t you expect an expert would also support those who promote Greece by providing them with all information needed, by effectively spreading the word out and by offering them the best quality services available for the best price?

Peripateticos: Indeed Steno. But then this can be no other than Destination Greece, the only trusted experts to Greece, correct?

Steno: Stating the obvious, dearest friend!


Destination Greece

  • is a US-based tour operator having also a local presence in Athens, Greece. What this means is that Destination Greece combines the best of two worlds; it respects US regulations and abides by US travel laws while at the same time it operates in Greece
  • is an ASTA Allied Supplier, IATAN endorsed and a OSSN Allied Supplier
  • has to show a number of recommendations from both Travel Agents and individuals alike
  • carrying out our tour operations locally in Greece we enjoy some of the best financial and quality deals that we pass over to our clients. At the same time we are able to provide support to our clients locally
  • offers a unique 24-hour assistance and support telephone service in Greece
  • carries a 1,000,000 USD Errors and Omissions insurance
  • can be reached by travel agents on a 24×7 basis on our Toll Free: 1-888-GREECE-8

Destination Greece , your Trusted Experts to Greece, as well as to Egypt and Turkey, offers two options for travel agents who wish to promote our services:

  1. Destination Greece Registered Travel Agent (DG RTA)

As a DG RTA you will receive:

  1. Unique package solutions to Greece, Egypt and Turkey and exclusive combo packages to these destinations
  2. Your own personalized net rates for each and every package we serve. See your net rates getting lower as you sell more Destination Greece services!
  3. Explicit, Services Included lists and Quotes for all your email requests
  4. Custom package design for your clients provided within 24 hours
  5. Expert feedback on your clients’ questions on our services
  6. Promotional material to use in your market
  7. 24 x 7 support to all registered travel agents
  8. Local care and support for your clients in Greece through our Athens office


As a DG RTA you may also qualify for a Travel Site Beneficiary (TSB) web site. A TSB web site is a travel web site offered to qualified travel agents free of charge where they can promote and sell Destination Greece products and services. You may wish to browse our demo site and apply for one   (i.e. read and agree with the entire  Travel Site Beneficiary Agreement , sign, scan and email us the last page of it) to be activated for you.

To qualify as a Destination Greece Registered Travel Agent you must be ASTA or IATA or CLIA or ARC accredited at the time you apply for registration, and have an excellent business record. You also need to send us via email the information requested at:


  1. Destination Greece Regional Representative (DG REP)

As a DG REP you will be appointed to be the exclusive handler of all requests for Destination Greece services originating from the region you have been appointed to. This includes requests coming to Destination Greece from travel agents regarding clients in your area as well as to individuals who may be requesting Destination Greece services in your area.

To apply for a DG REP status please contact

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