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Three cheers to Infiniti

Every week, I participate in a trivia league. Last I was out with my team, continuing our dominance of the competition, when I had an “aha” moment and was distracted by a commercial on one of the televisions. Since it was a sports bar, I knew it would be back on before last call and sure enough it was. I scrawled out some notes and spent the next week trying to decipher them and then hunting down the commercial. So, what does a commercial shown in a sports bar have to do with travel?

Admittedly, I was not sure myself. It was a car commercial for the new Infiniti model; but one line in particular caught my attention and practically screamed to be repeated to the travel industry.

He is a master driver. His job is to measure what computers cannot.

How apropos is that? OK, we are not master drivers, but we are indeed master planners and master travelers. Each day, we strive to provide the right experience to our clients. Every day, we try to provide a unique experience to our clients. Every day, we utilize the information and the knowledge we have harvested over the years for our clients. We are the master driver.

With a car, a computer can figure out the dimensions, the drag coefficient and all of the other technical details. Computers, for the most part, actually build these cars today. But as the commercial indicates (and as we know) the computers can only go so far. The computers will design a car or a trip. The computers will perhaps build a car or a trip. And there are many people who will be satisfied with that. And as a travel professional, you should respect that.

There is still a market for used Yugos just as there is a market for new Hyundais. Allow the market to cater to the people who want to drive these cars and let the Infinitis take care of what they know and do the best. Trust me, Infiniti is not losing sleep over Hyundai sales.

In travel, there is a strong market for the Yugo customer—it is called Priceline. Let Priceline (and the others) handle that. Remember, you are the master planner, you fulfill what computers cannot.

And in case I did not explain it well enough–remember the original inspiration was in a bar–watch this.

  7 thoughts on “Three cheers to Infiniti

  1. John, great article, great commercial. Too bad no one makes commercials about using travel agents that hit home like the infiniti commercial did!

  2. Shall Remain Nameless says:

    Being married to someone who works for Nissan North America (makers of Nissan and Infiniti brands) I know how much they pour into their ad campaigns, and it shows. 😉 None of us will pay that much on commercials about using a TA … but we can still impart the message to OUR clients, and through our own marketing & networking efforts. It won’t show up as a TV commercial in a sports bar, but hopefully it’ll reach our clients all the same.

  3. Patti says:

    Thank you John! I have been trying to figure out how to explain what sets me apart from the online agencies …for my 1 minute presentation at local networking groups. This hits the nail on the head perfectly.

    1. John Frenaye says:

      See a night out drinking with the boys pays off on occasion!

  4. Great article, John. As both a TA and Infiniti* owner, it resonates with me, big time!
    * have owned or leased a total of six Infiniti vehicles since 1992. You just can’t beat’em for their quality and price to value equation.

  5. Laura says:

    That’s good stuff!

  6. Linda Furlan, MCC says:

    Well said, John! On that same note – just like in the commercial – as Master Consultants, we should strive to sell so much more than mere travel – but also the EMOTIONS that come with it. Selling Travel shouldn’t be just about making the sale itself (a’la Priceline); we have the objectivity and expertise to create an EXPERIENCE. Here’s to providing our clients with the “Ultimate Luxury:” US! Computers will never be able to do that!

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