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Thrillseekers Travel Club — Down but not out

It has been almost eight months since we began our foray into the group travel business and we are still struggling to get our events filled. Our trip to Israel in July fell apart; and we realize now that we did not plan it far enough in advance. Local events seem to be doing better, but with those we are finding that some of the people that commit early are slow to commit when it comes time to pay their deposits.

This is stressful as we never know until literally the last minute if we will have enough people to fill the minimum amount we need to keep our rates competitive and still actually make a profit.

We are continuing to build our e-mail database and adding new members, just not as quickly as either of us would like. When we started the club, we had hoped to dedicate ourselves to it full time, but financially that proved to be impossible. So now we have both taken outside jobs just to pay the bills in the interim.

With summer coming, we are hoping to have more time to dedicate to the club. Together, we have both have agreed that the club is a priority as it will be our retirement plan.

With kids heading off to high school next year, we have at least four years to get it right. Once the kids go to college—watch out! Our plan is to make the most of each and every travel opportunity and FAM we can fit into our schedules.

Until then we have signed up for a few seminars on blogging and social networking. We finally got our facebook page up and we are getting new members there from that effort as well.

Although we wish that things were coming together more quickly, we are smart enough to know that sometimes you just can’t rush things and as with all goals (and travel), if you stay too focused on the destination, you will miss the journey. And although for us, this particular destination does not involve a ship, plane or train — at this juncture, we feel that we are, in a way, already embarking on a very special adventure.

April Scarlott is a lifetime Houston Bay Area resident, travel and adventure junkie, and member of the International Travel Writers and Photography Alliance. She attended college at the University of St. Thomas and currently holds multiple licenses in real estate and is a member of OSSN. She is full partner for Thrillseekers Travel Club which arranges group tours for other travel and adventure enthusiasts. She has combined her passion for writing and adventure travel into a full time dream career. Contact her at or toll free at 1-888-970-8747 or visit at the website at

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