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A Tripologist Says “Be Persistent!”

It amazes me that in these difficult times, some business people don’t work harder to get new clients.  Over the years, I’ve taught the travel specialists in my agency to fight for new business, work hard to get repeat bookings and referrals.  When I say ‘fight’, I don’t mean ‘discount’, I mean really go above and beyond to ensure our clients get an exemplary experience that showcases us as travel specialists with tons of expertise.

This is where Tripology comes into play.  The program is ideal for me.  I’ve tailored my profile to only send me customer leads that fit my specialties: destination weddings and honeymoons.  I have been using Tripology for about a year now and my lead business is thriving and growing. I get more leads than I can handle, and I even had to hire an additional agent to help with all the post-booking follow up!

I’ve spoken with other travel specialists who tell me: “I tried Tripology about four times and got nothing, so I quit”.  To that, I say “four leads!!?  Are you serious!!?”.  The travel agency business is about tenacity and proving our worth to clients. You can’t expect to get the hang of lead purchasing and online selling after just four leads.  I worked the program for about 2 months and almost gave up.  Then, I learned some tips from the Tripology staff and really crafted compelling customer emails and now, I’ve booked over $400,000 in new business I would not have gotten otherwise.  I’ve recently changed my Tripology profile to accept some Europe leads and that business is off the charts.

The most important point I want to make is that the sale is not dead until the clients say NO.  We have leads that didn’t initially book with us and months later, we follow up and “BAM” another booking! Be persistent – follow up – close the sale!

What’s been great for us is that we are now getting repeat business and “new referrals” from the Tripology leads we’ve purchased.  You really can’t think of a lead as one potential client.  You create a great experience for clients and they’ll be back and send their friends and family.

My overall experience with Tripology has been really successful.  Do I buy a lead, send an email and never follow up – NO!  Do I roll up my sleeves, provide best-in-class service and go after the business – YES!  I can’t imagine a true travel SPECIALIST, not talking order taker here, who wouldn’t do well with Tripology.


Linda Schreiber
Starship Travel, Inc.

For additional information about Tripology, visit Tripology.com.  Travel Specialists can access the company’s dedicated agent website online at www.Tripology.com/agent for information on how to become a registered Tripologist.

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