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Big Ideas: A pep talk for the ladies

That was a recent headline in the New York Sunday Times. Apparently, women have a difficult time when it comes to promoting themselves. This was news to me, but after giving it some thought, I found myself agreeing.

According to workplace experts, woman, regardless of occupation or seniority, are often quite poor at self-promotion – and, as a result, are often hurt in their professional advancement.

Bragging has always been considered a less than attractive trait, and this belief has affected promotional activities when it comes to the women. When asked what the word bragging brings to mind, the responses included “selfish,” “blowhard,” “know it all,” and “insecure.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. If you don’t tell people you are alive and what you can do for them, who will? If prospects don’t know you are alive, how in the world can they make up their mind to do business with you? If customers don’t remember you are alive, how can you continue to serve them?

There are a number of ways to deliver your message to your market: letters, posters, postcards, newsletters, e-zines, seminars, emails, elevator speeches, and literally hundreds of other ways, depending on your personality and your marketing budget.

My message to the women today is to begin feeling better about spreading your word. Ladies, if you are not a dishonest person or have shameful objectives, you have nothing to apologize for or feel timid about. If it is in my best interest to know you, you owe it to me to let me know.

Think Promotion!

Mike Marchev has “been around the bases” more than a few times, and enjoys sharing his street-smart lessons with who ever will pause long enough to listen.

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