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Mouse World Vacations — A step back..or is it forward?

There comes a time in every sporting event I have ever seen (which I have to admit is probably way too many) when you know that a play about to happen is gonna be a big one. A game changer, momentum killer, rally starter, or one that you just know will have a big effect on the outcome.

I am looking that situation, square in the face right now!

But first, let’s recap the game so we can so how it got to this point.  When I started Zzyzx Travel 3 years ago (and a little later the Disney division, Mouse World Vacations) I visited (ok, spied on) a few of the brick and mortar travel agencies here in Utah. So I could see how “real” agents go about working with clients. I played customer with three of them. One was no help at all, almost like a store clerk who said “let me know if you need any help” and walked away. Another was the extreme opposite, and I left convinced that they sold used cars before travel. But one (like Goldilocks) was “just right….” I had always envisioned my own agency getting big enough to have its own storefront. There is just something that screams “credibility” about a storefront. Something no home office can do. No matter how well you decorate that office.

Fast forward to now…

I am not breaking any big news with this one, but living on a commission only pay structure basis is sometimes tough!  I recently spotted an opening at that “just right” travel agency I had observed a few years ago. I had a great interview with the hiring manager and the deal is, basically, trading a percentage of my commission for a regular pay schedule.  I would also get a bit jump in prestige, working for a major regional travel agency, with their marketing clout and a true brick and mortar experience for the client.  Plus lots of other benefits and perks. The drawbacks are a loss of some freedom (like working when I want to, not on a schedule) giving up that percentage, and once the pending commissions are paid, closing down the company I have spent 3 years building.

What to do? What to do?

The decision I make will happen after this column runs. (Hey, don’t I get a one hour television show for my decision like Lebron??) But I will let everyone know what happened!

Graig Wilkins (odd spelling and all) is a home based travel agent specializing in Disney destinations worldwide. He is the Owner /Manger of Mouse World Vacations and can be reached at or

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  2 thoughts on “Mouse World Vacations — A step back..or is it forward?

  1. Kasey says:

    WOW – Tough Call! Best wishes on your decision!

  2. Laura says:

    That is a tough call! But it sounds like the brick & mortar agency might be a good fit for you. Please let us know how it turns out.

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