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Wandering Puffin LLC–Third time’s a charm

When last we chatted, I was grading my performance through the first half of the year. It had been a roller coaster ride of sorts, but the hard work was paying off. I have tried to find new ways to continue the upswing and reduce the downside. Some things have worked and others have not. I have worked hard in trying to increase my client base and now it is time to refine it. I have continued to stay in touch with past clients, letting them know that I am still around to help them out with their future travels and ask that they keep me in mind when talking with their friends and family.

As summer winds down and the kids go back to school, I will find my busy season of European travel starting to wane. I need to find more creative ways to keep business moving forward with other destinations and planning for the next season. Fall is an amazing time to travel to Europe with the cooler weather.  I have a number of clients traveling at this time and continue to tap into this shoulder market instead of high season travel. It is, of course, less hectic than summer travel which is turn allows for a more relaxed travel adventure. I try to let my clients know this benefit.

The fall also reminds me of last year’s drop in business which scares me–not necessarily into submission, but into action. I remember last year’s scariest month, October and do not want to have that kind of Halloween again. I have become more proactive in how I approach the anticipated slow times. I am working on a number of group proposals that I will be promoting to destinations in central and Eastern Europe. I am reminding past clients that although I specialize in independent European travel, I am still able to help them out with other destinations while still maintaining my specialist identity. Rather than sitting back and waiting for business, I am already seeking out new business opportunities.

Lastly, I am going to finally cross the pond (or at least half way) to Iceland at the end of September for a short trip which includes places I have been, but also some new places including Hofn, the jumping off spot to this year’s volcanic eruption.  I had been given two previous opportunities which I had turned down; and when the third offer was put on the table, I did not turn it down. I guess the third time’s a charm. The Wandering Puffin is flying again.

Jamison Bachrach is better known as the Wandering Puffin for the way he likes to travel. Jamison has been in the travel industry for almost 14 years and has been home based for a little more than 2 years and specializes in independent European travel planning, specifically, central and eastern Europe, as well as Scandinavia.

Jamison has traveled to over 35 countries, including most of Europe. Wandering Puffin LLC. Is located in Plymouth, MN. Jamison can be reached by email at jamie@wanderingpuffin.com or by phone at  763-244-0669. www.wanderingpuffin.com.

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